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IBM Cognos Analytics on IBM Cloud Pak for Data (V2.5.x): Dashboarding and Reporting - eLearning

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LENGTH: 7,04 Hours

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This offering provides analysts with an introduction to create embedded dashboards in Cloud Pak for Data, as well as dashboards and reports using the Cloud Pak for Data's Cognos Analytics service.


• Overview of dashboards in IBM Cloud Pak for Data • Identify basic dashboard concepts • Customize and modify a dashboard • Dashboards in the Cognos Analytics Service • Create a basic dashboard • Advanced dashboarding • Create data modules • Create explorations • Introduction to reporting • Create list reports • Create crosstab reports • Present data graphically




General knowledge of IBM Cloud Pak for Data or you have taken the course 6X236G - IBM Cloud Pak for Data (V2.5.x): Foundations - eLearning 


Overview of dashboards in IBM Cloud Pak for Data • Overview of Cloud Pak for Data • What is an analytics dashboard • Dashboards in Cloud Pak for Data • Services and their status Identify basic dashboard concepts • Projects: Containers of the dashboards • Add data to a project • Select a template • Dashboard edit mode • The data Usage property Customize and modify a dashboard • Access a previously created project and dashboard • Add additional columns to an existing chart • Modify the visualization type and its properties • Add multiple charts to an existing dashboard • Add custom calculations to dashboards • Explore dashboard filtering methods Dashboards in the Cognos Analytics Service • Service overview • Navigate Cognos Analytics dashboarding • Edit mode versus Preview mode • Edit a dashboard Create a basic dashboard • Create a new dashboard • Select a dashboard template and layout • Add data sources and visualizations • Save and view a Cognos Analytics dashboard Advanced dashboarding • Create a tabbed dashboard • Add data items and visualizations • Add objects using the Assistant • Add an active visualization • Customize and filter dashboard objects • Share the dashboard Create data modules • What is a data module? • Sources for data modules • Create relationship joins • Customize data modules using filters and calculations • Group data and create navigation paths • Share a data module Create explorations • Identify an exploration • Start exploring from a dashboard or story • Start exploring from the New menu • Explore from a data asset • Explore relationships in your data • The exploration process Introduction to reporting • Identify the basics of IBM Cognos Analytics - Reporting • Examine the user interface • Create a report • Generate the report Create list reports • Identify list reports • Group data in a List • Sort data • Include list headers and footers • Aggregate data Create crosstab reports • Create a crosstab • Add measures to a crosstab • Data sources for crosstabs • Crosstab peers Present data graphically • Graphical visualization objects • Degree of difficulty • Drill through access • Custom visualizations • Custom color palettes

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