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Introduction to Storage


LENGTH: 24 Hours (3 days)

PRICE: €2 340,00


This course covers basic data storage concepts and IBM solutions in this space. You will learn RAID, SAN connectivity, high availability, business continuity planning for disaster recovery, storage virtualization, cloud storage and more.You will learn all about IBM Storage products (disks, flash, tape, SAN switches and directors) and the IBM Spectrum suite of software for accessing and managing on and off premises data storage.


Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

Recall the essentials of disk storage

Outline the continuity plans to maintain high availability and data protection in storage solutions

Restate the concepts of the storage virtualization

Differentiate the types of the hybrid and all-flash storage solutions

Compare the types of the tape storage solutions

Distinguish between storage connectivity options

Differentiate between the features of the Spectrum Storage Suite of software

Clarify the various cloud storage considerations

Key Topics

Unit 1: Essentials of storageUnit 2: Data protection and high availabilityUnit 3: Storage virtualizationUnit 4: IBM Spectrum Storage - SDSUnit 5: IBM Spectrum Storage - management and protectionUnit 6: IBM Storage disk and flash based systemsUnit 7: IBM Storage tape systemsUnit 8: IBM Storage SAN family overviewUnit 9: IBM Storage and cloud


Enrollment in this course is not restricted. Typical students may include:CustomersTechnical IBM personnel Business Partner technical personnel IT consultants and architects




Unit 1: Course OverviewUnit 2: Essentials of storageUnit 3: Data Protection and High AvailabilityUnit 4: Storage VirtualizationUnit 5: IBM System Storage Disk Systems and Flash Based SystemsUnit 6: IBM System Storage Tape SystemsUnit 7: IBM System Storage SAN Family OverviewUnit 8: IBM Storage and CloudUnit 9: IBM Spectrum Storage

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