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Trend Micro Deep Discovery Training for Certified Professionals – Update course


LENGTH: 8 Hours (1 day)

PRICE: €950,00


This is a one-day, instructor-led training course aimed at participants who have already previously followed a full 3 days training in the past of Deep Discovery and who still hold a valid Certified professional certification (valid 2 years). This one-day update training covers all new product features and training material that came in addition to Courseware version 2.1 Deep Discovery ATD over the last 2 years. This course is based on the latest Training Material and covers the following products: Deep Discovery, Deep Discovery Analyzer, Deep Discover Director (and Director Analytics)
This course is taught by Trend Micro-certified trainers.


This course is designed for and only available to IT professionals who have already been certified on Deep Discovery within the last 2 years


The course topics in this 1 day training are divided into the following lessons:

Trend Micro Deep Discovery Overview
• Deep Discovery Solutions

Deep Discovery Inspector
• Verifying Installation and Configuration

Deep Discovery Analyzer
• Configuring File Submission Rules

Deep Discovery Director
• Planning a deployment
• Installing and configuring
• Configuring a deployment plan
• Managing and sharing Threat Detections (IOCs. STIX, …)
• Managing Devices

Deep Discovery Network Analytics
• Deploying and managing
• Using Correlation for Data for Threat Analysis

Preventing Targeted Attacks through Connected Threat Defense
• Architecture
• Suspicious Object List Management
• Setting up Connected Threat Defense
• Tracking Suspicious Objects in Deep Discovery Analyzer

Test and Certification

Upon completion of this course, participants may complete the certification examination, in order to validate their Trend Micro Certified Professional for Deep Discovery certification for another 2 years.

Session Dates