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IBM Rational DOORS® 9.6 - DXL Programming


LENGTH: 16 Hours (2 days)

PRICE: €1 560,00


This 2 day IBM Rational DOORS® 9.6 – DXL Programming course teaches the basic principles of writing and applying the IBM Rational DOORS extension language (DXL) to customize IBM Rational DOORS®.


After completing this course, participants should be able to:

• Process projects, folders, modules, and objects

• Process traceability

• Process history

• Process access rights

• Process views and view settings

• Create customized Attribute and Layout DXL

• Create customized menus

• Develop additional user interfaces


This advanced course is for IBM Rational DOORS® users who want to program in DXL , either maintaining existing DXL libraries or developing new solutions.


• Knowledge of structured procedural programming, preferably in C

• Proficiency in IBM Rational DOORS®

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