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Splunk Certified Instructor Workshop


LENGTH: 40 Hours (5 days)

PRICE: Request Price


This workshop focuses on the guidelines for instruction at Splunk. Major topics include responsibilities of a Splunk Certified Instructor, an overview of Splunk products and suites, and processes for setting up and successfully teaching a Splunk course. Through group discussions and practice teaches, participants will see how to effectively apply common learning theories to virtual and in-person instruction. Please note that this workshop is a hands-on, discussion-based course, and as such requires active participation from all attendees.


In order to understand prerequisites, including how to register for the SCI Workshop or to join the SCI program please email


Day 1 (1/2 Day)

  • Module 1 - Instructor responsibilities
  • Module 2 - Splunk Products and Solutions

Day 2

  • Module 2 - Splunk Products and Solutions (cont.)
  • Module 3 - Class Lifecycle
  • Module 4 - Teaching Techniques to Promote Learning
  • Day 3

    • Module 4 - Teaching Techniques to Promote Learning (cont.)
    • Module 5 - Instructions Domains
    • Module 6 - Classroom and Virtual Techniques
    • Day 4

      • Instructor Teaching test
      • Day 5 (1/2 Day)

        • Instructor Teaching test (cont.)
        • Wrap-up
        • Note: In a virtual format this class will be delivered as 5 days, 4.5 hours per day

          Session Dates