Arrow Electronics, Inc.

ONTAP Cluster Installation Workshop (24 Training Units)


LENGTH: 2 days

PRICE: €1 790,00


This advanced installation course prepares you to deliver ONTAP® system installation services in a way that meets NetApp® quality standards and uses NetApp best practices.
With your laptop and the appropriate tools, you practice all installation tasks and set up NetApp storage controllers and shelves in a clustered configuration.
You learn how to set up and test access to the system and the AutoSupport
connection, and you learn how to conduct a customer handoff briefing.


This course focuses on enabling you to do the following:
• Complete pre-installation tasks
• List the cluster cabling options and restrictions
• Install and update cluster and management switches
• Install, configure, and test a two-node switched cluster
• Provide a customer with the appropriate information when you are handing off a system


NetApp and Partner installation engineers


• ONTAP Fundamentals (ILT)
• ONTAP Administration (ILT)
• Universal NetApp FAS Installation (WBT)
• NetApp Installation Standard (WBT)

Session Dates