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Symantec Control Compliance Suite 12 Administration

CODE: SYM_00033197

LENGTH: 24 Hours (3 days)

PRICE: €2 400,00


The Symantec Control Compliance Suite 12 Administration course is designed for professionals who are tasked with ensuring the security of their computing enterprise and compliance with both external and internal mandates. This course focuses on using Control Compliance Suite 12 to define security controls that govern the enterprise, assess compliance with standards and other mandates, and create reports and dashboards to demonstrate compliance and show deficiencies to multiple audiences.


  • Describe current security risk and compliance challenges
  • Define methods of proactive security
  • Describe CCS 12 and how it helps meet security and compliance needs
  • Describe general CCS 12 pre-deployment considerations
  • Install CCS 12
  • Perform initial CCS configuration tasks
  • Import assets and common fields
  • Describe how to install CCS Agents
  • Perform data collection and evaluation
  • Describe the components of standards
  • Copy and edit standards.
  • Evaluate collected data in terms of a standard
  • Describe compliance and risk scores
  • Manage exceptions
  • Create, edit, and map control statements
  • Use Controls Studio to eliminate duplication of controls
  • Describe mandates, policies, and control statements
  • Build queries to gather data quickly from assets
  • Add external data integration and configure data connectors
  • Use CCS reporting features
  • Create, edit, and manage dashboards
  • Investigate contingencies using a "what if?" analysis in dynamic dashboards
  • Programme

    Module 1: Introduction to CCS 12

    • Overview of Security and Compliance
    • Proactive Security
    • Intro to CCS 12.0
    • Implementing Security and Compliance with CCS 12.0

    Module 2: Installing the CCS Suite

    • General pre-deployment considerations
    • Installation requirements
    • Installation tasks
    • Module 3: Initial Configuration

      • Getting started tasks
      • Preparing for data collection
      • Module 4: Getting started with CCS 12

        • Importing assets
        • Installing a Unix Agent
        • Collecting and evaluating data


          Module 5: Standards Manager/CVSS and

          • Risk Score
          • Working with standards
          • Assessing compliance with standards
          • Managing exceptions

            Module 6: Controls Studio

            • About Controls Studio
            • Working with Controls Studio
            • Module 7: Ad hoc queries

              • Query building
              • Querying your enterprise
              • Module 8: External data integration

                • Connecting to external data sources
                • Overview of third-party connectors
                • Module 9: Reporting and dashboards

                  • Reporting overview
                  • Working with dynamic dashboards
                  • Session Dates