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Symantec Client Management Suite 8.5 Administration

CODE: SYM_00033640

LENGTH: 24 Hours (3 days)

PRICE: €2 400,00


The Symantec Client Management Suite 8.5 Administration course is designed for professionals

tasked with using Symantec’s Client Management Suite (CMS) to manage their software and hardware resources in their organizations. This three-day, instructor-led, hands-on course teaches students the underlying components and concepts of the Symantec Management Platform along with the Symantec Management Console that is used by CMS to perform its management functions.


  • Discover and import resources
  • Gather hardware, software and OS inventory
  • Remotely manage computers
  • Maintain a software repository
  • Deliver, meter and track software
  • Deliver software to managed computers
  • Distribute software updates
  • Analyze gathered data using reports


  • A basic understanding and working knowledge of Microsoft Windows (7, 8, 10, 2008, 2012) OS and optionally Linux and Mac OS.
  • Management Suite 8.5 Administration course, it is strongly recommended that you complete the following ITMS Fundamentals web-based training modules:

      • Symantec Management Platform & ITMS Overview
      • Basic Architecture Overview
      • Installation and Configuration
      • Understanding Organizational Views and Groups
      • Managing Targets and Filters
      • Managing Policies, Jobs and Tasks



    Module 1: Discovering Resources within the Environment

    • Introducing Resource Discovery
    • Using CMS to Discover and Import Resources
    • Adding CMS inventory to resources
    • Validating CMS discovery processes
    • Module 2: Reducing Desk-side visits with Remote Support

      • Agent Health
      • Introducing Remote Access Connector
      • Overview of Real-time System Manager
      • Module 3: Business Analytics & Reporting Topic 1

        • Introduction to reporting
        • Standard reporting
        • IT Analytics Reporting
        • Module 4: Effective Software Management

          • Software Management Overview
          • Discovering Software Information in the Environment
          • Developing the Software Catalog
          • Managing the Software Catalog
          • Efficient Software Distribution
          • Enforcing Software Use and Execution


            Module 5: Improved Security Through Automated Patch Management

            • Patch Management Solution Overview
            • Using Patch Management Solution for Windows
            • Module 6: Endpoint Lifecycle Deployment & Staging M

              • Introducing Deployment Solution
              • Configuring Deployment Solution
              • Creating and managing deployment jobs and tasks
              • Deployment Solution imaging
              • Appendix A: Server

                • Management Suite Overview
                • Benefits of Server Management Suite
                • SMS Features Overview

                  Appendix B: Monitor and

                  • Alerting
                  • Monitor Solution Overview
                  • Monitor Policies
                  • Tasks and Actions
                  • Using Monitor Rules and Metrics
                  • Reviewing the Data
                  • Test and Certification

                    250-447 Administration of Symantec Client Management Suite 8.5

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