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VMware Cloud on AWS: Design, Configure, Manage 2023


LENGTH: 32 Hours (4 days)

PRICE: €3 080,00


This four-day, hands-on training course provides you with the knowledge, skills, and tools for deploying and managing a VMware Cloud™ on AWS infrastructure. You will explore the common use cases of the VMware Cloud on AWS infrastructure that allows you to modernize, protect, and scale applications based on VMware vSphere® that leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In this course, you are introduced to various rapid and easy migration options for moving workloads based on vSphere from on-prem to VMware Cloud on AWS. In addition, you are presented with VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery™, which is a Disaster Recovery as-a-service (DRaaS) solution. This solution provides fast recovery capabilities that can be used to cost-effectively protect a broad set of your virtualized applications.


By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:
• Describe the architecture of VMware Cloud on AWS
• Prepare and deploy the VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC
• Configure the scale-up and scale-down of a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC
• Access a VMware vCenter® configuration in VMware Cloud on AWS
• Configure internal, external, and inter-SDDC networking
• Configure storage integrations and solutions for VMware Cloud on AWS
• Configure a connection between an on-premises vSphere SDDC and a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC
• Migrate VMs between on-premises vSphere and VMware Cloud on AWS SDDCs
• Describe life cycle management, troubleshooting scenarios, and disaster recovery solutions for a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC
• Describe how VMware add-on solutions support a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC


Experienced system administrators, system engineers, and system integrators


Before taking this course, students should take the following courses or have equivalent knowledge and experience:
• VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage
• VMware NSX: Install, Configure, Manage


1 Course Introduction
• Introductions and course logistics
• Course objectives

2 Introduction to VMware Cloud on AWS
• Choosing VMware Cloud on AWS
• Management and operational structure

3 VMware Cloud on AWS Platform and SDDC Deployment Preparation
• Getting started with VMware Cloud on AWS
• Preparing the AWS infrastructure for a VMware Cloud on AWS deployment
• Setting up a VMware on Cloud AWS account
• Billing and pricing on VMware Cloud services

4 Deploying and Scaling an SDDC
• Deploying and examining SDDC configurations
• Sizing the SDDC
• SDDC cluster management
• SDDC host management
• Optimizing and maintaining an SDDC cluster using Elastic DRS for VMware Cloud on AWS

5 Accessing and Analyzing vCenter Configurations
• Accessing vCenter in the Cloud SDDC
• Creating virtual machines in the Cloud SDDC
• Analyzing resource management settings in the SDDC
• Exploring vSphere permissions on VMware Cloud on AWS
• VMware Tanzu® for VMware Cloud on AWS

6 Networking in VMware Cloud on AWS
• Internal SDDC network
• SDDC Network Administration with NSX Manager
• Networking and security options
• Inter-SDDC networking

7 Storage on VMware Cloud on AWS
• vSAN storage in VMware Cloud on AWS
• Attaching external storage to a VM running on an SDDC

8 Working with On-Premises vSphere
• Hybrid-linked mode
• Migration solutions for VMware Cloud on AWS
• VM migration with VMware HCX®

9 Maintaining and Troubleshooting VMware Cloud on AWS
• Accessing API with VMware Cloud on AWS
• Maintenance and support
• Common troubleshooting steps

10 Disaster Recovery Solution
• VMware Site Recovery™ add-on service
• VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery

11 Using Other VMware Products with the SDDC
• VMware Aria Operations™ for Logs (formerly VMware vRealize® Log Insight™)
• VMware Horizon® with VMware Cloud on AWS
• VMware Aria Automation™ add-on (formerly VMware vRealize® Automation™)
• Using VMware Aria Operations™ with VMware Cloud on AWS
• Using VMware Aria Operations™ for Networks (formerly VMware vRealize® Network Insight™) with VMware Cloud on AWS

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