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Servers and devices, apps and logs, data traffic and clouds, all are creating data.

Data are everywhere.

Splunk® offers the leading platform for operational intelligence. With Splunk, those interested can take a closer look at what others ignore, namely machine data, and thus gain insights that remain hidden to others.

You gain insights that make your company more productive, profitable, competitive and secure.

Our training program was created to train candidates for their current position, or for a function they aspire to as a professional, to better meet the needs of their organization.

Throughout the courses in the our catalog, students acquire skills focused on:

  • The use of Splunk;
  • The Administration of the solution;
  • The Achitecting of the solution
  • The development of dashboards and applications;

Arrow Education offers you the best training approach to fully used Splunk solutions to growth your business.

Splunk Authorized Learning Partner (ALP):

Only certified trainers conduct Splunk courses in our Splunk certified training centers. In addition, only original Splunk documents are used.



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