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IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.5 Fundamentals


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Durée : 4 Jours
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Learn the powerful features and functions available in IBM Maximo Asset Management. This hands-on course introduces the fundamental concepts and setup considerations of the various business areas supported by Maximo. Learning activities include lecture, demonstration, and labs covering a wide variety of applications, processes, and interrelationships within Maximo.

This course can help you make informed business decisions with the design and planning of their implementation. Consultants can gain a foundation upon which to build their product knowledge and skill set, and to work with clients to obtain optimal value from the product.


  • Query and retrieve data

  • Describe the asset management life cycle

  • Enter core data elements and data structures

  • Describe options that are available for various applications

  • Describe and use the different Maximo applications and functions as they relate to business processes


This basic course is for Project Managers, consultants, and client project teams, whose members can include:

  • System administrator

  • IT administrator

  • Maintenance personnel

  • Procurement personnel

  • Inventory personnel

  • Asset manager

  • Work manager


You should have:

  • General database knowledge


Unit 1: IBM Maximo Asset Management overview

  • Lesson 1: Asset management

  • Lesson 2: Framework overview

  • Lesson 3: Business requirements overview

Unit 2: Core data setup and configuration

  • Lesson 1: Data setup overview

  • Lesson 2: Entering and configuring organizations and sites

  • Lesson 3: Defining and organizing the classification hierarchy

  • Lesson 4: Defining and entering locations and location hierarchies

  • Lesson 5: Entering and registering labor and users

Unit 3: Item and asset planning and setup

  • Lesson 1: Item and asset setup overview

  • Lesson 2: Defining and setting up item and asset configurations

  • Lesson 3: Entering assets

Unit 4: Inventory and purchasing

  • Lesson 1: Inventory setup and usage

  • Lesson 2: Purchasing process and setup

  • Lesson 3: Requisitioning

  • Lesson 4: Purchase orders

  • Lesson 5: Receiving

  • Lesson 6: Invoicing

Unit 5: Work management

  • Lesson 1: Work management process and setup overview

  • Lesson 2: Setting up job plan templates

  • Lesson 3: Setting up scheduled or routine maintenance activities

  • Lesson 4: Creating and generating tickets and work orders

  • Lesson 5: Planning work

  • Lesson 6: Scheduling work

  • Lesson 7: Assigning and dispatching work

  • Lesson 8: Work completion and reporting

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