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IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Advanced Business Process Modeling


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Durée : 2 Jours
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The Sterling B2B Integrator Advanced Business Process Modeling course teaches you how to use message options, collect and move data, capture errors, send notifications, and update a database. You will learn about service configurations, the Assign Service, the Invoke Business Process Service, importing resources, and the lightweight JDBC Adapter.

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  • Differentiate between services, adapters, and activities as they relate to building business processes.

  • Configure a business process using the message output options.

  • Apply the Assign Service along with DOM or Doc features in a business process.

  • Create a business process to capture errors and to notify the user of an error.

  • Create a business process to manage 997s.

  • Create a business process to send data to different storage locations.

  • Use the JDBC Adapter to create a business process to receive configuration values from a database.


This advanced course is for EDI End User, Web Developer, System Administrator, and Business Analyst.


You must have the following foundation knowledge:

  • J2EE Framework and N-Tiered Architectures

  • Database schemas and related concepts

  • SQL Scripting

  • Sterling B2B Integrator

You must also have specialty or advanced Sterling B2B Integrator knowledge in the following areas:

  • EDI Processing

  • AS2 Implementation

  • Secure Transports

  • Web Services

  • Trading Partner Management

  • JSP Development


  • Course Overview

  • Lesson 1: Basic BPML concepts

  • Lesson 2: Service Editor Configuration Options

  • Exercise: Service Editor Configuration Options

  • Lesson 3: Using the Assign

  • Exercise: Using the Assign

  • Lesson 4: Error Handling

  • Exercise: Error Handling

  • Lesson 5: Importing Style Sheets

  • Exercise: Importing Style Sheets

  • Lesson 6: Read Values from Flat File

  • Exercise: Reading Values from a Flat File

  • Lesson 7: Using a Database

  • Exercise: Using a Database

  • Lesson 8: Course Wrap-up

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