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IBM Sterling Field Sales - Administer Sterling Field Sales

CODE: 6T841G

DURÉE: 8 Hours (1 day)

PRIX H.T.: €700,00


This 1-day instructor-led course provides you with an understanding of the configurations that need to be performed in IBM® Sterling Channel Applications Manager, IBM® Sterling Business Center and the IBM® Sterling Applications Manager for the IBM® Sterling Field Sales application. This course is primarily designed for administrators who need to administer the Sterling Field Sales application to meet their business requirements.

This course introduces you to the different Order Capture applications offered by IBM and then proceeds to focus on the backend configurations required to customize the Sterling Field Sales application. Through a combination of procedural information and exercises, you learn about topics such as how to configure the basic and advanced options in Sterling Channel Applications Manager.


  • Describe different Order Capture Channels
  • Describe Sterling Channel Applications Manager
  • Configure Sterling Field Sales Basic and Advanced Rules using Sterling Channel Applications Manager
  • Explain the business processes in Sterling Field Sales


This basic course is designed for administrator users who need to administer the Sterling Field Sales application.


You should have completed:

  • IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Foundation Part. Modeling and User Security (6T801)
  • IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Foundation - Process Modeling (6T806)
  • IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Foundation Item and Pricing Configuration (6T811)


  • Course Overview
  • Lesson 1. Order Capture Applications
  • Lesson 2. Sterling Field Sales Concepts
  • Lesson 3. Sterling Field Sales Basic Setup
  • Exercise 3. Modifying Primary and Advanced Rules
  • Lesson 4. Sterling Field Sales Additional Setup
  • Exercise 4. Modifying Additional Configuration Set Up
  • Lesson 5. Course Wrap Up

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