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IBM Cognos Analytics on IBM Cloud Pak for Data (V2.1.x): Dashboarding and Reporting - eLearning

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DURÉE: 1 Jours

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This offering provides analysts with an introduction to create dashboards with Cloud Pak for Data, and create dashboards and reports using the Cognos Analytics add-on.


  • Overview of the Cloud Pak for Data Analytics Dashboard
  • Create a basic Analytics Dashboard
  • Customize and modify a dashboard
  • Dashboards in the Cognos Analytics Add-on
  • Create basic dashboards using the Add-on
  • Advanced dashboarding using the Add-on
  • Create a Story
  • Create an exploration
  • Introduction to Reporting
  • Create List reports
  • Create Crosstab reports
  • Present data graphically




• IBM Cloud Pak for Data - Foundations (V2.1.x)


Overview of the Cloud Pak for Data Analytics Dashboard 
• Overview of Cloud Pak for Data 
• Use dashboards in Cloud Pak for Data 
• The Analytics Dashboard 
• What is the dashboard? 

Create a basic Analytics Dashboard 
• Projects: Containers of the dashboard 
• Add data to a project 
• Select a template 
• Dashboard Edit mode 
• Dashboard data Usage types 

Customize and modify a dashboard 
• Access a previously created project and dashboard 
• Add additional columns to an existing chart 
• Modify the visualization type and its properties 
• Add multiple charts to an existing dashboard 
• Add custom calculations to dashboards 
• Explore dashboard filtering methods 

Dashboards in the Cognos Analytics Add-on 
• Add-on overview 
• Navigate Cognos Analytics dashboarding 
• Edit mode versus View mode 
• Work with an existing dashboard 
• Edit a dashboard 

Create basic dashboards using the Add-on 
• Create a new dashboard 
• Select a Dashboard Type and Layout 
• Add Data Sources and Visualizations 
• Save and view a Dashboard 

Advanced dashboarding using the Add-on 
• Create a tabbed dashboard 
• Add data items and visualizations 
• Add objects using the Assistant 
• Add an active visualization 
• Customize and filter dashboard objects 
• Share the dashboard 

Create a Story 
• Identify a story 
• Assemble a story 
• Change the timeline of a scene 
• Add animation 
• Highlight data 
• Looping your Story 

Create an exploration 
• Identify an exploration 
• Start exploring from a dashboard or a story 
• Start exploring from the New menu 
• Explore from a data asset 
• Explore relationships in your data 
• Suggested starting points 

Introduction to Reporting 
• Identify the basics of IBM Cognos Analytics Reporting 
• Create a new report 
• Navigate the report 

Create List reports 
• Identify list reports 
• Group data in a list 
• Sort data 
• Format list columns 
• Include list headers and footers 
• Aggregate data 

Create Crosstab reports 
• Create a crosstab 
• Add measures to a crosstab 
• Data sources for crosstabs 
• Crosstab peers 

Present data graphically 
• Create chart reports 
• Work with gauge charts and pie charts 
• Customize charts 
• Display visualizations in reports 

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05 juil. 2022


Web based Training