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PowerHA SystemMirror 7 Problem Determination


DURÉE: 24 Hours (3 Jours)

PRIX H.T.: €2 325,00


This course is designed to prepare students to identify and resolve problems on a highly available cluster using PowerHA SystemMirror 7.


  • Describe the config_too_long and event_error cluster event problems and what impact these problems will have on cluster operation
  • Locate the source of a cluster event problem
  • Resolve cluster event problems and return the cluster to normal operation
  • Resolve network and Cluster Aware AIX problems
  • Resolve C-SPOC and LVM problems


The audience for this course is students who are experienced AIX system administrators with TCP/IP networking and AIX Logical Volume Manager (LVM) experience who are responsible for maintaining a PowerHA SystemMirror 7 and later cluster on an IBM Power Systems server running AIX 6.1 or later. The lab exercises are conducted on an AIX 7.1 TL2 -level system.


Students attending this course are expected to have:

  • AIX, TCP/ IP, LVM storage and disk hardware implementation skills
  • An understanding of PowerHA SystemMirror concepts
  • The ability to install, configure and manage a two-node cluster
  • An understanding of basic cluster problem determination and familiarity with PowerHA SystemMirror log files

These skills are addressed in the following course and its prerequisites (or can be obtained through equivalent education and experience):

  • PowerHA SystemMirror 7: Planning, Implementation, Customization and Basic Administration (AN610)


Day 1

  • Welcome
  • Unit 1: Problem determination strategies and tools
  • Unit 2: Resolving event script problems
  • Exercise 1: Problem determination strategies and tools

Day 2

  • Unit 3: Resolving network, CAA, and RSCT problems: Tools
  • Exercise 2: Resolving event script problems
  • Exercise 3: Using log files and tools for network, CAA, and RSCT problems

Day 3

  • Unit 4: Resolving network, CAA, and RSCT problems: Problem scenarios
  • Unit 5: Resolving LVM and C-SPOC problems
  • Exercise 4: Resolving network, CAA, and RSCT problems
  • Exercise 5: Resolving LVM problems

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