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IBM Case Manager 5.2: Solution Building


DURÉE: 24 Hours (3 Jours)

PRIX H.T.: €1 950,00


Learn about Case Manager and solution design. Then you build a solution from the beginning, including case types, document
types, roles, tasks, and steps. Finally, you learn how to customize the client display by wiring widgets and customizing
property views.

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  • Introduction to IBM Case Manager
    • Describe the uses of Case Manager.
    • Identify components of Case Manager.
    • Create and process a case.
    • Explore and identify parts of a solution.
    • Develop a methodology for representing a business problem as a Case Manager.
    • Add a custom task to a case.
  • Build a Case Manager Solution
    • Create Properties and Document Types.
    • Create Roles and In-baskets.
    • Create a Case Type and Task.
    • Create a Workflow.
    • Deploy and Test a Solution.
    • Use Preconditions and Sets.
    • Use Business Rules.
    • Use Process Designer Integration Capabilities.
  • Customize the Client Display
    • Create Custom Pages.
    • Work with Widgets.
    • Wire Events.
    • Customize Property Views.


Solution builders build Case Manager solutions and their responsibilities include:
o Working with Case Manager Builder to build solutions.
o Working in a development environment to build, deploy, and test solutions


  • Familiarity with FileNet Content Manager.
  • Ability to use IBM Content Navigator for navigating object stores, working with content.


  1. Unit 1. Introduction to IBM Case Manager
    1. Introduction to IBM Case Manager
    2. Process a Case
    3. Review a case
    4. Structure of a Solution
    5. Design Principles
    6. Create a Custom Task
    7. Overview of Add-on Functions 
  2. Unit 2. Build a Case Manager Solution
    1. Create Properties and Document Types
    2. Create Roles and In-baskets
    3. Create a Case Type and Task
    4. Create a Workflow
    5. Deploy and Test a Solution
    6. Use Preconditions and Sets
    7. Use Business Rules
    8. Use Process Designer Integration Capabilities 
  3. Unit 3.Customize the Client Display
    1. Create Custom Pages
    2. Work with Widgets
    3. Wire Events
    4. Customize Properties Views 

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27 mars 2023


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