Arrow Education Pack for IBM

Learn more and spend less with the Arrow Education Pack.

Simplify the purchase and management of your route to the expert qualification with the Arrow Education Pack and Save up to 15% on training.

With customised solutions and flexible pricing options, the Arrow Education Pack can be used with all the IBM trainings and most of the Arrow ECS trainings portfolio.

The Arrow Education pack is designed to fits perfectly with your training needs.


  • Reach your skill-building goals
  • Manage your annual training budget and lock in savings for the next 12 months
  • One account can train multiple people across your organization
  • Privileged financial conditions with a high level of flexibility
  • Save on public or on-site classes and instructor-led online (ILO) classes
  • For on-site or customized classes, save on instructor travel and living expenses, equipment, room rentals, and instructor mentoring services
  • Use your account for 12 months from the date of activation


Value Discount Price
100 000 5 % 95 000
200 000 10 % 180 000
250 000 12 % 220 000
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