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Forcepoint NGFW Administrator Course


LENGTH: 3 day(s)

PRICE: Request Price


During this 3 day course, you will learn how to administer Forcepoint NGFW using the Security Management Center.

Through instruction, demonstrations, and hands-on lab practice exercises, you will learn the requirements and recommendations to successfully manage Forcepoint NGFWs policies and data provided by the systems such as alerts, logs and monitoring statistics. You will develop expertise in creating security rules and policies, managing users and authentication, configuring VPNs, traffic deep inspection and performing common administration tasks.


  • Understand the fundamentals of NGFW
  • Understand SMC capabilities
  • Perform common administration tasks
  • Configure security policies and access control
  • Understand change control
  • Perform traffic inspection
  • Manage users and authentication
  • Understand VPN
  • Configure SSL VPN Portal
  • Understand monitoring capabilities
  • Configure reporting
  • Perform basic troubleshooting
  • Configure and install a single firewall


  • End-User/Customers: System administrators, network security administrators, IT staff
  • Channel Partners: Consultants, system architects, integrators and planners who help customers with Forcepoint NGFW implementations


  • Good understanding of networking and computer security concepts
  • General understanding of system administration and Internet services


Day 1

0. Introduction

  • Welcome
  • Course Outline 
  • Lab Environment Overview 

1. SMC Overview

  • NGFW System Architecture
  • SMC Components / Supported Platforms
  • Management & Log Server Properties
  • Web Portal Server Properties
  • Deployment Options
  • Status View / Configuration View
  • Management Client Tools 

2. NGFW Overview

  • NGFW History & Background
  • Key Benefits and Differentiators
  • Operating Modes
  • Hardware Platforms and Virtualization
  • Installation Methods 

3. Getting Started with SMC

  • Management Client Overview
  • System Backups and SMC HA
  • SMC Administrators
  • Policy Change Control
  • Logging and Logs View

4. NGFW Policies and Access Control

  • Policy Types
  • Firewall Templates and Policy Hierarchy
  • NGFW Policies and Policy Editor
  • Connection Control
  • Sidewinder Proxy

5. NGFW Policies and NAT

  • Supported types of NAT
  • Network Address Translation Configuration

Day 2

6. Inspection and File Filtering Policies

  • Deep Inspection
  • NGFW Policy Templates
  • Situation Concepts
  • Inspection Policy
  • Fine-Tuning Inspection
  • Advanced Malware Detection
  • File Filtering Policies h) Detection methods i) Forcepoint Integration

7. Alerting and Notifications

  • Alert Escalation Process
  • Alert Policy
  • Alert Chain
  • Alert Notifications

8. Users and Authentication

  • Managing Users
  • Directory Servers
  • Supported Authentication Methods
  • User Authentication Process
  • Browser Based Authentication
  • User Identification

9. SSL VPN Portal

  • Client Based and Clientless Access
  • SSL VPN Portal Overview
  • SSL VPN Services
  • Routing Methods
  • SSL VPN Portal Configuration

Day 3

10. VPN

  • Overview of VPNs
  • VPN Topologies
  • VPN High Availability
  • Policy-Based VPN Configuration
  • VPN Tools
  • Route-Based VPN

11. Using Logs

  • Log Entry Types
  • Visualizing Logs
  • Log Data Pruning
  • Diagnostic
  • Filter Editor
  • Syslog Forwarding

12. Policy Tools

  • Policy Snapshots
  • Rule Search
  • Policy Validation
  • Rule Counter Analysis

13. Monitoring, Statistics and Reports

  • Status Monitoring
  • Overviews
  • Reports
  • Report Designs, Sections, and Items
  • Geolocation Maps
  • Session Monitoring
  • Third-Party Monitoring

14. Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting Process
  • Troubleshooting with Logs
  • Capturing Traffic
  • Diagnostics for Support: sgInfo
  • Use Cases: Troubleshooting Management Server and Log Server problems
  • Packet Inspection Procedure

15. Single Firewall Installation

  • NGFW New features
  • NGFW Deployment Overview
  • NGFW Operating Roles
  • Single NGFW Configuration
  • NGFW Installation
  • Add-Ons Features
  • Advanced Configuration Settings

16. What’s New?

  • NGFW New features

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Test and Certification

Certification Exam

This course prepares you to take and pass the Certified Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall Administrator Exam.

The exam is included in the price of the course but the execution of the exam is not accomplished during the course.

A minimum score of 80% on the multiple choice online exam is required to obtain certification. 

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