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IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog Methodology - eLearning

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This training offering provides business analysts with an introduction to the basics of IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog. They will learn how to access the Watson Knowledge Catalog and gain skills in creating catalogs, populating them with assets, and then managing the assets in the catalog.

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• Introduction to IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog • Work with assets • Refine data • Assessment quiz


Business Analysts

Wymagania wstępne

  • Knowledge of your business requirements

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Introduction to IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog • What is IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog? • How IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog addresses the challenge of data and AI • What is a catalog? • What is a project? Work with assets • What is an asset? • Work with assets in a catalog • Add files, connections, and connected assets in projects and catalogs • Add an asset from a catalog to a project • Publish assets from a project into a catalog • Discover data assets from a connection in a catalog or project Refine data • Describe using Data Refinery to refine data • Add data to Data Refinery and specify the format • Validate your data • Visualize your data • Manage Data Refinery flows • Copy data from a source to a target Assessment quiz

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07 gru 2022


Web based Training

zł 1 250,00

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