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Hardware Management Console (HMC) for Power Systems with IBM i


Price £1,190 before tax
Length: 2 Days
Lunch : Included
Courseware : Included
Course code: OL52G
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This course is designed to familiarize the student with functions of the HMC using lecture and lab exercises.


  • Install an HMC and go through the setup wizard

  • Connect the HMC to a managed system

  • Create and manage partitions manually or with a .sysplan

  • Manage the HMC including updating code for the HMC and firmware in the managed system


This is an intermediate course for IBM, IBM Business Partners, and customers that have a need for HMC operations and management.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


Day 1

  • Welcome
  • Unit 1: Introduction to the Hardware Management Console
  • Unit 2: Setting up and configuring the HMC
  • Exercise 1: eLab access, installation, and navigation
  • Unit 3: System management
  • Exercise 2: Managed server tasks and navigation

Day 2

  • Unit 4: System plans
  • Exercise 3: Working with system plans
  • Unit 5: HMC management
  • Exercise 4: HMC management
  • Unit 6: Service management
  • Unit 7: Updates to the HMC and firmware
  • Exercise 5: Fixes
  • Unit 8: Advanced functions for the HMC
  • Exercise 6: Secure Shell, remote 5250, and ASM
  • Exercise 7: Create a simple LPAR and partition tasks
  • Unit 9: New enhancements

Course type

Roadmaps that reference this course are:

• System Administrator

• System Operator

• Virtualization

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