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Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7.1x Administration


Price £2,495 before tax
Length: 5 Days
Lunch : Included
Courseware : Included
Course code: CTX_CXD-210
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  • London - Dowgate Hill
    £2,495 before tax
  • Harrogate - Arrow ECS
    £2,495 before tax
  • Virtual Classroom (GMT / UTC)
    £2,495 before tax
  • London - Dowgate Hill
    £2,495 before tax
  • Harrogate - Arrow ECS
    £2,495 before tax
  • Virtual Classroom (GMT / UTC)
    £2,495 before tax
This training is also available as onsite training. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Designed for students with little or no previous XenApp or XenDesktop experience. Obtain foundational knowledge of XenApp and XenDesktop required to be successful with the platform. Learn to install, configure, and manage a highly available environment comprised of XenApp and XenDesktop controllers, StoreFront, Citrix Receiver, Director, and Profile management.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

• Describe the architecture and communications of XenApp and XenDesktop components
• Understand the prerequisites for a successful XenApp and XenDesktop deployment
• Install and configure a highly available XenApp and XenDesktop site
• Deploy and deliver apps and desktops to end users using Machine Creation Services (MCS) on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016
• Understand the differences and benefits of Provisioning Services as an image management solution
• Install and configure a highly available Citrix StoreFront site
• Install and configure Citrix Receiverfor end user access
• Set up Citrix Profile management for end user data
• Understand and configure printing within a XenApp and XenDesktop environment
• Understand and configure Citrix policies for managing end -user session experience
• Understand how to configure basic security features of XenApp and XenDesktop
• Use Citrix Director to monitor and troubleshoot end user sessions and view environment trends


Students interested in learning to install, configure, and manage XenApp and XenDesktop including:

• Administrators
• Implementers/Engineers
• Architects


Recommended pre-requisite courses:

•CXA-105 XenApp and XenDesktop Foundations

Note: This course is based on XenApp and XenDesktop 7.x CR (Current Release) including the hands-on labs. The current release of XenApp and XenDesktop is updated frequently with new features and improvements and as such, course content may not always reflect the latest features.


Module 1: Architecture Overview
Module 2: Initial Requirements and Lab
Module 3: Installing and Configuring a XenApp and XenDesktop Site
Module 4: Provision and Deliver Application and Desktop Resources
Module 5: Providing Access with Citrix StoreFront and Receiver
Module 6: Understanding and Configuring Citrix Policies
Module 7: Application Presentation and Management
Module 8: Printing with XenApp and XenDesktop
Module 9: Citrix Profile Management
Module 10: Managing the XenApp and XenDesktop Site
Module 11: XenApp and XenDesktop Site Redundancy
Module 12: XenApp and XenDesktop Site Basic Network Security
Module 13: Monitoring the XenApp and XenDesktop Site
Module 14: Introduction to Supporting and Troubleshooting XenApp and XenDesktop

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