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NetApp SANtricity Overview


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Length: 1 Day
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In this course, you familiarize yourself with the basic features of E-Series systems. You use the SANtricity® 11.10 storage manager simulator to explore setup and configuration tasks. You engage in simulations and guided exercises to develop your understanding of how NetApp® SANtricity storage management software works.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

• Describe NetApp E-Series storage systems
• Provision storage space on an E-Series storage system
• Evaluate the status of an E-Series storage system
• Identify for customers the storage configurations that best meet their needs
• Create a Snapshot image, volume copy, and thin-provisioned volume
• Enable the SSD cache
• Use the SANtricity client simulator to assist with customer discussions


NetApp employees and partners who sell E-Series storage systems


Technical Overview of E-Series Storage Systems (web-based training)


12 NetApp Training Units

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