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Mastering MBSE with SysML and IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.3.1

CODE: U4144V2

LENGTH: 4 day(s)

PRICE: £2,380.00


This 4 day instructor led course will provide deep tool-based knowledge in the practical aspects of effectively using SysML and IBM Rational Rhapsody in a team-based environment.


To understand the tools and processes of effectively utilizing SysML and IBM Rational Rhapsody in a team based environment


Systems and/or Software Engineers using Rhapsody


Students should have a basic understanding of systems engineering and/or requirements management


Understanding origins and objectives of OMG SysML and relationship with UML.• Overview the different diagrams in SysML and how they’re used to exchange information about requirements and architectures.

• Exploration of use case modelling and behavioural modelling with use case diagrams, activity diagrams, sequence diagrams and state-machine diagrams.

• Appreciation of how set-up and use tool effectively with profiles and properties.

• How to build models with use cases and concept of operations modeling.

• Hands-on building SysML models with Rhapsody from scratch, including properties and profiles.

• Understanding the relationship between models and requirements, including requirements diagrams, matrices and tables.

• Understand Rhapsody’s integrations with requirements managed in external tools.

• Activity diagram modelling with control flow to define behaviour and traceability to requirements.

• (Optional) Overview of building executable black box system models using IBM Rational Rhapsody.

• Understanding structural modelling with block definition diagrams and internal block diagrams

• Sequence diagram modelling.

• State-machine diagram modelling.

• Understanding difference between port types, proxy vs standard ports, old vs new pros and cons

• An appreciation of building executable white box system models using IBM Rational Rhapsody.

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