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DevOps Leader Certification Course


LENGTH: 2 days

PRICE: £1,075.00


This two day course  provides a natural follow on from the DevOps Foundation course and provides an insight into the human dynamic of cultural change, providing delegates with the practice, tools and methodology to effectively implement DevOps principles using real life scenarios and case studies.


The learning objectives for DevOps Leader (DOL) include a practical understanding of:

  • The Golden Circle
  • Understanding organizational culture and organizational change
  • Conway’s s Law and its influence on DevOps and systems thinking
  • Strategies for leading cultural transformations
  • Evolving silos into flat, team, based organizations
  • Managing conflict
  • Creating feedback loops
  • Creating learning environments
  • Avoiding change fatigue
  • Communication and collaboration strategies
  • Meaningful metrics
  • Resourcing for DevOps
  • Demonstrating DevOps Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Critical success factors
  • Getting started


  • Anyone involved in cultural transformations and organizational change
  • IT team leaders, managers, directors and business stakeholders
  • Practitioners and change agents
  • Tool providers and systems integrators
  • DevOps consultants


  • DevOps Foundation® Certification Course
  • Completion of pre-class assignment


Day 1

Course Introduction

  • Course Goals
  • Course Agenda
  • DevOps and Time

    • What Is DevOps?
    • Why Do DevOps
    • Companies Doing DevOps
    • The Magic Equation
    • Key Differences Between DevOps IT and Traditional IT

      • What Sets DevOps IT apart from Traditional IT
      • How DevOps IT is Organized Differently
      • How to Perform to a Different Standard
      • How to Use Different Measurements
      • Becoming a DevOps organization

        • Transformational Leadership
        • Redesigning An Organization for DevOps
        • Design Principles
        • Focus
        • Work
        • Information
        • Metrics
        • Value Stream Mapping

          • What is Value Stream Mapping?
          • Why Do We Need to Use this Framework?
          • Types of Maps
          • How to Create a Value Stream Map?
          • Types of Data to Collect
          • How to Handle Exceptions
          • Value Stream Mapping Exercise

            Squad Organizational Model

            • Conway's Law
            • The Problem with Silos
            • Spotify’s Squad Organization Model (Structure, Roles)
            • Squads
            • Tribes
            • Chapters
            • Guilds
            • How to Reorganize in Order to Move to this Model
            • Day 2

              Managing Cultural Change

              • What is Culture and How Does it Impact Performance?
              • Types of IT Culture
              • Cultural Traits of a DevOps Organization
              • How to Manage Change
              • Culture and its Impact on Performance

                • Types of IT Culture
                • What is a DevOps Culture
                • How to Manage Change
                • The Three Phases of Change
                • Types of Changes That Need to be Implemented
                • Popular DevOps Tools and Practices

                  • DevOps Tools Periodic Table
                  • Top DevOps Tool Categories
                  • Common and Popular Practices
                  • Building a Business Case

                    Bringing it all Together

                    Additional Sources of Information

                    Exam Preparations

                    • Exam Requirements, Question Weighting, and Terminology List
                    • Sample Exam Review

                      Test and Certification

                      The DevOps Leader certification is a 90 minute exam consisting of 40 multiple choice questions and the pass mark is 65%

                      Certification can be taken at the end of the course in the classroom, or online at a date and time convenient to the learner. The cost of certification is included in the course.

                      The certification is governed and maintained by the DevOps Institute; exams are delivered through an independent, global examination partner.

                      Session Dates