Arrow Electronics, Inc.

RedHat- Automation with Ansible – Basic


LENGTH: 16 Hours (2 days)

PRICE: £1,190.00


Learn why automating your infrastructure and process is a benefit for the company. Learn how to deliver stable functionality, reduce repetitive work and enable swift recovery through declarative automation of operations.


Knowledge about general IT administration in Windows Server, Linux, Virtualization, Network and Cloud

Software used in the course can run on Windows, Linux or Mac OSX – we encourage you to use your own laptop.

Software used in the course

    • Microsoft VS-Code
    • Git
    • SSH Client
    • Browser
    • Citrix Workspace Client


7 Hands-on labs with practical and real-life examples. 

  • Learn how to install Ansible on a linux host, use the ansible command to do small adhoc tasks, connect to other linux hosts using keyless ssh and Windows host using WinRM.
  • Make changes to ansible configuration and create an inventory and install of Ansible collections to extend functionality.
  • Ansible Playbooks
  • Install and use tools such as VS-Code, Git and GitHub to make playbooks, adding source control and linting of the YAML code.
  • Secure secrets and password with ansible-vault
  • Work with playbooks
  • Investigate advanced functionality in Ansible making the playbooks a lot more dynamic

    • Variables
    • Lists
    • Register
    • Conditions
    • Handlers
    • Facts
    • Debug
    • Loops
    • Loops Async

  • Roles - Roles is a perfect way of creating reusable playbooks for the business, in this lab you will learn how to install and use roles from Ansible Galaxy and how to create your own
  • Ansible Cloud - Ansible can manage and operate in the cloud, in this lab you will learn how to connect Ansible to Microsoft Azure, deploying networks and virtual machines, use dynamic inventories with playbooks to manage your environment effectively
  • Ansible VMware - Ansible can manage both the VMware environment and the behaviour of the virtual machines. In the lab you will learn how to manage storage, network and virtual machines and with the help of a dynamic inventory manage the virtual machine
  • Ansible AWX/Tower - This lab will take you through the Ansible Tower/AWX UI to create Projects, Inventories, Credentials, Templates and create a Workflow to run a cloud deployment

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