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How to sell the Power Platform to the Business


LENGTH: 8 Hours (1 day)

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The Microsoft Power Platform is a set of services (Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents) for building and using custom business apps that connects customer data and work across the web and mobile, this without the time and expense of custom software development.

Even though the Power Platform provides rich business logic and workflow capabilities that can transform manual business processes to digital, automated processes, but it doesn’t mean that it´s easy to sell a Power Platform solution. Convincing a customer to buy a Power Platform App might seem like an open and shut case to the many advantages of the Power Platform environment, but the customers buying processes have changed over the last couple of years and this change requires a much more customer-centric and consultative approach when selling. During this highly interactive workshop the participants works with understanding how to kick-starts and influence a buying process and how to tie Power Platform to customers critical business issues

Business Application products have been mainly being sold to CIO´s and IT-managers and it´s mainly a “technical sale”. The problem is that even the best technical solution, where the benefits at least seen from a technical standpoint are so obvious, are turned down by customers every day. Why?  The answer is simple - major buying decisions are typically not made by IT but by the " business-people" in the customers organisation, and they don´t care about all the great technical features, functions, or benefits. They care about the financial impact on their business and if they cannot see this - they will not buy.

During this one-day highly interactive ‘Selling Power Platform to the business’ workshop, the Microsoft Partners works with all aspects of a non-technical sale within this area, a sale where the focus will be on communicating the business value of the Power Platform to the business. 


This one-day workshop is intended for practice leaders and sellers working for Microsoft Partners who want to add Microsoft Power Platform to their portfolio.


This is not a deep technical workshop; it requires participants to have a basic understanding of Microsoft Power Platform. Although this is sales training, a laptop is required to as participants will be creating a simple app and flow that they can use to demonstrate the ease of using the Power Platform.



- Power Platform Concepts
- Measure, Act, Automate
- Challenges Building Business Apps
- Challenges faced by business
- Challenges faced by IT
- What is the Power Platform
- Canvas apps
- Power Automate
- Microsoft Dataverse
- Model-driven apps
- Power BI
- Power Virtual Agents
- Selling the Power Platform
- Drivers for business apps
- Identifying Power Platform opportunities
- The different services you can supply around Power Platform
- Value of the Power Platform
- Adopting Power Platform in an organisation
- Compliance 
- Power Platform Adoption Framework
- Community
- Licensing

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