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Managing and Securing the Virtual Network Enterprise


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Length: 2 Days
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Cisco® Virtual Security Gateway (VSG) for Cisco Nexus® 1000V Series Switches is a virtual appliance that provides trusted access to secure virtualized data centers in enterprise and cloud provider environments. Complementing the zone-based security capabilities of the VSG, the Cisco ASA 1000V Cloud Firewall provides multitenant edge security, default gateway functionality, and protection against network-based attacks, for a comprehensive cloud security solution. The Cisco® Virtual Network Management Center (VNMC) gives IT the ability to rapidly automate common infrastructure solutions, freeing staff to focus on optimizing the network environment.

This intensive hands-on course introduces students to all three of these components of the larger Cisco Nexus® 1000V Switch solution. Beyond basic installation and configuration, you will explore in both lecture and lab exercises advanced concepts in security policy specific to this environment

Authorized Cisco training provided through Arrow's partnership with Fast Lane.


After taking this course, you will be able to: 

  • Install, update and configure the VSG, ASA 1000V and VNMC 

  • Design and implement appropriate security policies for the Nexus 1000V switch solution 

  • Configure and implement policy for various cloud implementations 

  • Design a secure virtualized network for multi-tenant scenarios 

  • Implement and maintain effective security and network policy with mobility


System Engineers
Data Center architects
Security architects


The knowledge and skills that you must have before attending this course are as follows:

Configuring the Cisco Nexus 1000V (DCNX1K) or equivalent knowledge/experience
Experience with virtualization (VMware or Hyper-V)
Networking and Security fundamentals


1: Introduction to the Cisco Virtual Network Service Framework

Overview of the Virtualized Data Center
VSG Architecture
VSG Packet Flow
vPath Summary
VSG Policy Model
Virtual Network Management Center (VNMC)
Nexus 1000V (VSM & VEM)
Deployment Scenario
High Availability
Use Case Examples

2: Installing and configuring Cisco VSG with VNMC

Installing the VNMC
Information About Installing the Cisco VNMC
Information About Deploying the OVF Template
Installing the Cisco VNMC by Deploying the OVF Template
Restoring the Cisco VNMC by Deploying the OVF Template
Installing the Cisco VNMC Using an ISO Image
Connecting to the Cisco VNMC
Verifying Cisco VNMC Providers

Installing the VSG
Information about the Cisco VSG
Prerequisites to Installing Cisco VSG Software
Obtaining the Cisco VSG Software
Installing the Cisco VSG Software
Configuring Initial Settings

Registering Devices with the VNMC
Registering a Cisco VSG
Registering a Cisco Nexus 1000V VSM
Registering vCenter

Configuring the VNMC
Cisco VNMC GUI Overview
Configuring VNMC Profiles
Configuring VM Managers
Configuring Tenants
Configuring Security Policies
Configuring Managed Resources
Security & Device Management
Configuring System Policies

3: Installing and Configuring Cisco ASA 1000v with VNMC

Installing the ASA 1000V
Information about the ASA 1000V Deployment
Downloading the ASA 1000V OVA File
Deploying the ASA 1000V using the VMware vSphere Client
Powering On the ASA 1000V
Setting up ASDM to be used by the ASA 1000V
Other Required Configurations

Configuring the ASA 1000V
Registering the ASA 1000V with the Cisco VNMC
Adding the ASA 1000V as an Edge Firewall in the Cisco VNMC
Configuring Security Profiles in VSM
Configuring Security Policies
Configuration examples

Course Labs

Lab 1-1: Remote Access and Login
Lab 2-1: Deploying the Cisco Virtual Network Management Center (VNMC)
Lab 2-2: Deploying the Cisco Virtual Security Gateway (VSG)
Lab 2-3: Registering Devices with the Cisco VNMC
Lab 2-4: Virtual Network Management Center GUI Configuration
Lab 3-1: Deploying the Cisco ASA 1000V
Lab 3-2: Configuring ASA 1000V Policies

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