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VMware Capacity Planner 2.7


LENGTH: 8 Hours (1 day)

PRICE: $850.00


VMware® Capacity Planner is a consolidation-assessment and decision-support tool used to build the best possible infrastructure virtualization plan to help contain server sprawl and reduce power and cooling costs. Capacity Planner automates the data collection and analysis of server resources and their performance and utilization profiles so that you can effectively plan your virtualization projects and drive your business. This course trains consultants and systems engineers to use VMware proprietary tools to collect and view system, inventory, and performance data for use in consolidation, capacity planning, and performance-tuning projects.


•  Learn how Capacity Planner is used in typical engagements
•  Understand the architecture of Capacity Planner
•  Learn how to collect data at the customer’s site
•  Learn how create consolidation scenarios
•  Learn how to run reports from the Capacity Planner Dashboard


IT consultants or systems engineers offering server consolidation services to their clients using VMware products. This course is open only to VMware employees  and authorized VMware Partners because Capacity Planner is a tool to be used only in consulting engagements.


Windows and/or UNIX/Linux system administration experience, including network-interface configuration, file permissions, and familiarity with performance-tuning basics on x86-architecture


Module 1: VMware Capacity Planner Overview
•  Define the architecture of Capacity Planner
•  Define a typical engagement using Capacity Planner
•  Define the types of assessments
Module 2: Collecting Data with Capacity Planner
•  Install the Data Collector
•  Perform discovery
•  Collect inventory systems
•  Collect performance data
•  Upload data to the Information Warehouse
Module 3: Creating Consolidation Scenarios
•  Define target hardware
•  Create server groups
•  Create a consolidation scenario
•  Create virtual machine templates
Module 4: Creating Reports
•  Edit report settings
•  Run an asset information report
•  Create custom reports
Module 5: Managing Users and Access
•  Create user groups
•  Grant access and setting permissions
•  Set self-service provisioning
Module 5: Troubleshooting
•  Troubleshoot data collection issues
•  Troubleshoot the Dashboard

Session Dates
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27 Mar 2023


Self Paced Training

$ 825.00

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