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- Format: Self-Paced

- Length: 365 Days


The VMware Learning Zone Standard Subscription gives you a full year of 24/7 cloud-based access to VMware’s video library for advanced technical professionals using VMware products and solutions. Get just-in-time mastery-level instruction focused on effective workflows, best-practices, and common scenarios and issues including advanced configuration techniques, troubleshooting, and tips for those managing highly complex VMware environments.

Build on your existing knowledge and keep your skills current through new content added monthly from top VMware experts.

•Tips from VMware experts and instructors that go beyond the basic installation and administration options.
•You can stream the videos, allowing you to learn at your own pace, wherever you may be.
•Advanced guidance on diagnostics, issue resolution and troubleshooting.
•Helpful product how-to's, tips & techniques and best practices.
•Help for experienced users in optimizing VMware products and solutions.
•Access to any additional training videos added during your subscription period.
•Configuration guidance to help maximize the potential of your VMware solutions and make you more self-sufficient.
•New titles are added monthly with content across a spectrum of VMware technologies.


•Deep Dive - VMware Directory Services (vmdir) Database - Backup and Restore
•Deep Dive - VMware Directory Services (vmdir) Database - Login Performance Impacts
•Deep Dive - VMware Directory Services (vmdir) Database - Multi-Master-Replication
•Deep Dive - VMware Directory Services (vmdir) Database - Service Endpoints
•Deep Dive - VMware Directory Services (vmdir) Database - Solution Users
•Deep Dive - VMware Directory Services (vmdir) Database - SSO Architecture Recap
•Disaster Recovery - Advanced Troubleshooting for Disaster Recovery as a Service
•Disaster Recovery - Troubleshooting for Disaster Recovery as a Service
•Enabling Proactive Monitoring of a Service
•Essentials Of The Software-Defined Data Center
•ESXi - Network Troubleshooting at the ESXi Command Line
•Introduction to EVO RAIL (Part 1)
•Introduction to EVO RAIL (Part 2 - Demonstration)
•Monitoring a Service Using vRealize Operations Manager and vRealize Hyperic
•NSX Architecture - Review of NSX, Use-Cases and Components
•PSOD Analysis and Troubleshooting (Part 1)
•PSOD Analysis and Troubleshooting (Part 2)
•vCAC 6.0 - Custom Properties and Build Profiles
•vCAC 6.0 - Installation Prerequisites
•vCAC 6.0 - Installation Procedure
•vCAC 6.0 - Requesting and Deploying Services
•vCAC 6.0 - Service Catalog
•vCAC 6.0 - Tenants and Roles
•vCenter - Introduction to Single Sign-On 5.5
•vCenter - Supported Active Directory Trust Configurations and Limitations
•vCenter - Upgrade Best Practices, vCenter Single Sign-On, 5.1 to 5.5
•vCenter Single Sign-On High Availabilty Using F5 BIG-IP Load Balancer (Part 1 - Configuring the BIG-IP Load Balancer)
•vCenter Single Sign-On High Availabilty Using F5 BIG-IP Load Balancer (Part 2 - Configuring vCenter Single Sign-On)
•vCenter Site Recovery Manager - DR-IP Customizer - An Efficient Way To Re-IP Virtual Machines
•vCenter Site Recovery Manager - Getting To Know SRM Advanced Settings
•vCenter Site Recovery Manager - Improving Performance in a Large SRM Deployment
•vCenter Site Recovery Manager - Modifying SRM Log Files
•vCenter Site Recovery Manager - Recognizing and Resolving SRM Misconfigurations
•vCloud Air - Connecting your Data Center To vCloud Air - Tips and Techniques
•vCloud Suite - Up to Speed - vCloud Director Rest API
•Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK) Snapshots (Part 1 - An Overview)
•Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK) Snapshots (Part 2 - Troubleshooting)
•Virtual SAN (vSAN) Troubleshooting (Part 1)
•Virtual SAN (vSAN) Troubleshooting (Part 2)
•VMRC and Media Upload Troubleshooting
•VMware Horizon 6 - Architecture Pod, Floating Global Entitlement
•VMware Horizon 6 - Dedicated Global Entitlement
•VMware Horizon 6 - Kiosk Mode
•VMware Horizon 6 - Pools
•vRealize Operations - Overview of Alerting System
•vRealize Operations Custom Dashboards - Customizing Widget Interaction
•vRealize Operations Reporting (Part 1 - Overview)
•vRealize Orchestrator Advance Techniques Part 1 - Workflow Elements You May Not Have Used Before
•vRealize Orchestrator Advance Techniques Part 2 - Configuration and Resource Elements
•vRealize Orchestrator Advance Techniques Part 3 - Exceptions and Error Handling
•VSAN 5.5 - Architecture, Objects, and Components of the Virtual SAN
•VSAN 5.5 - Capabilities of the Virtual SAN
•VSAN 5.5 - Configuring the Virtual SAN Cluster
•VSAN 5.5 - Configuring the Virtual SAN Network
•VSAN 5.5 - Creating and Modifying a Virtual Machine Storage Policy
•VSAN 5.5 - Managing Virtual SAN
•VSAN 5.5 - Use Cases
•VSAN 5.5 - Virtual Machine Storage Policy
•vSphere - Comparison of Differences Between Single Sign-On v5.1 and v5.5
•vSphere 6 - Content Library (Part 1 - Presentation)
•vSphere 6 - NFS Enhancements (Part 1 - Presentation)
•vSphere 6 - NFS Enhancements (Part 2 - Demonstration)
•vSphere 6 - vMotion Enhancements (Part 1 - Presentation)
•vSphere 6 - vMotion Enhancements (Part 2 - Demonstration)
•vSphere 6 Content Librar (Part 2 - Demonstration)
•vSphere Managed Object Browser (Part 1 - What Is The Managed Object Browser)
•vSphere Managed Object Browser (Part 2 - Object Oriented Programming Concepts)
•vSphere Managed Object Browser (Part 3 - Four Related Tools)
•vSphere Managed Object Browser (Part 4 - The vCenter Server Inventory Hierarchy)
•vSphere Managed Object Browser (Part 5 - The vSphere Web Services API)
•vSphere Managed Object Browser (Part 6 - Managed Object Browser Demonstration)

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