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IBM Cloud Pak for Data (V3.5.x): Foundations - eLearning

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This learning offering will tell a holistic story of Cloud Pak for Data including collaboration across an organization, which is key in this platform. Applicable to all personas. A generic use case will provide understanding of how organizations can benefit from Cloud Pak for Data. A variety of features will also be explored, providing students with the insight on how to use the platform. This WBT contains instructional and interactive content, demonstrations and hands-on exercises (on Cloud Pak for Data on IBM Cloud).


• Introduction to IBM Cloud Pak for Data  
• Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform: overview 
• Collaboration and workflows  
• Collect data  
• Organize data 
• Prepare data  
• Analyze data  
• Infuse data 
• Assessment


Data Engineer, Data Steward, Data Scientist, Business Analyst, Application Developer, Administrator


IBM Demo assets: IBM Cloud Pak for Data, in particular Overview Cloud Pak for Data (


Introduction to IBM Cloud Pak for Data  
• Describe IBM Cloud Pak for Data  
• Identify how IBM Cloud Pak for Data makes you ready for artificial intelligence (AI)  
• Describe, at a high level, the IBM Cloud Pak for Data architecture 
• Describe how to collaborate within IBM Cloud Pak for Data  
• Describe the typical end-to-end data and analytics workflow in IBM Cloud Pak for Data 
• Identify what you will be doing in this training 

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform: overview 
• Describe how the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform relates to IBM Cloud Pak for Data 
• Describe the role of containers, Kubernetes, and Helm 
• Describe how Red Hat OpenShift is a layered system 
• Describe, at a high level, the Red Hat OpenShift architecture 
• Describe, at a high level, how Red Hat OpenShift is secured 

Collaboration and workflows  
• Administer the platform 
• Describe a typical workflow 
• Create an analytics project  
• Search for data 
• Request data 

Collect data  
• Identify how you connect to data sources in IBM Cloud Pak for Data  
• Identify ways in which you can add data to a project 
• Identify supported data sources  
• Describe how to work with an integrated database  
• Create a connection to a data source  

Organize data 
• Describe the Watson Knowledge Catalog service and what you can do with it  
• Describe how you can work with catalogs  
• Describe how you can govern and curate data using Watson Knowledge Catalog  
• Identify how governance artifacts and governance tools work together 
• Identify how you can govern data to comply with regulations 
• Perform automated discovery and work with the default catalog 

Prepare data  
• Identify ways in which you can prepare data for use in projects  
• Describe how to virtualize data using the Data Virtualization service 
• Describe how you can refine data using the Data Refinery service 
• Identify how you can access trusted master data with IBM Master Data Connect 
• Describe how you can build trust in unstructured data with IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog Instascan 
• Identify how you can manage test data using Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP) 

Analyze data  
• Identify how you can analyze data in IBM Cloud Pak for Data  
• Automate building machine learning models with AutoAI experiment  
• Deploy machine learning models 
• Analyze data using notebooks 
• Identify other tools that you can use to analyze data 

Infuse data 
• Identify how you can perform self-service analytics with Cognos Analytics 
• Describe how you can extract answers from complex business documents with Watson Discovery 
• Identify how you can deliver engaging, unified problem-solving experiences with Watson Assistant 
• Describe you can accurately transcribe the human voice with Watson Speech to Text 
• Identify how you can convert written text to natural-sounding speech with Watson Text to Speech 
• Describe how you can automate planning, budgeting, and forecasting with Planning Analytics 


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03 Dec 2022


Web based Training

$ 150.00