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VMware vSphere: Optimize and Scale [V6] - Lab Connect


LENGTH: 240 Hours

PRICE: $570.00


This is a cloud-based lab environment which includes all of the labs from the VMware vSphere: Optimize and Scale [V6] course. This self-paced environment is available for 30 days or 30 hours of active time, whichever expires first.


•  Lab 1: Adding Active Directory Services and Creating Custom Roles
•  Lab 2: Using vSphere Management Assistant
•  Lab 3: VMware Monitoring Tools
•  Lab 4: Backing Up and Restoring vSphere Distributed Switches
•  Lab 5: Monitoring Network Performance
•  Lab 6: Policy-Based Storage
•  Lab 7: Managing Datastore Clusters
•  Lab 8: Working with Virtual Volumes
•  Lab 9: Monitoring Storage Performance: Use vSphere Advanced Chart to Monitor Disk Performance Across a Series of Tests
•  Lab 10: Monitoring CPU Performance: Use Advanced Performance Charts and the resxtop Command to Monitor CPU Performance
•  Lab 11: Monitoring Memory Performance: Use Performance Charts and the resxtop Command to Monitor Memory Performance Under Load
•  Lab 12: Diagnosing vSphere HA Cluster Resource Issues (1): Detect Possible vSphere HA Cluster Problems
•  Lab 13: Host Profiles: Use Host Profiles and Manage Compliance
•  Lab 14: Using vSphere PowerCLI: Use vSphere PowerCLI to Run Basic Windows PowerShell cmdlets
•  Lab 15: Using vSphere Auto Deploy on vCenter Server Appliance: Configure vSphere Auto Deploy to Boost Hosts Using Stateless Caching

Session Dates
Time Zone

20 Mar 2023


Self Paced Training

$ 500.00

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