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FortiAnalyzer Administrator


LÄNGE: 8 Hours (1 day)

PREIS: €1 090,00


In this course, you will learn how to deploy, configure, and secure FortiAnalyzer. You will also learn how to register and manage devices with FortiAnalyzer. Finally, you will explore the fundamentals of the logging and reporting management capabilities included in FortiAnalyzer. These skills will provide you with a solid foundation for becoming a professional FortiAnalyzer administrator.


Anyone who is responsible for the day-to-day management of FortiAnalyzer devices should attend this course.


Familiarity with all topics presented in the NSE 4 FortiGate Security and NSE 4 FortiGate Infrastructure courses.


After completing this course, you will be able to:

    Describe the purpose of FortiAnalyzer
    Describe the FortiAnalyzer operating modes
    Understand logging in a Fortinet Security Fabric environment
    Describe FortiAnalyzer Fabric
    Manage administrative domains (ADOMs)
    Configure network settings
    Configure secure administrative access
    Manage the disk quota
    Perform a system configuration backup
    Manage RAID
    Manage HA
    Register and manage devices
    Describe the log file workflow
    Perform log backups
    Understand Fabric connectors
    Configure log redundancy and encryption
    Configure log rollover and retention policy
    Manage reports

Weitere Informationen

If you take the online format of this class, you must use a computer that has the following:

    A high-speed internet connection
    An up-to-date web browser
    A PDF viewer
    Speakers or headphones


One of the following:

    HTML 5 support
    An up-to-date Java Runtime Environment (JRE) with Java plugin enabled in your web browser


You should use a wired Ethernet connection, not a Wi-Fi connection. Firewalls, including Windows Firewall or FortiClient, must allow connections to the online labs.


We also offer sessions in other countries