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Commvault Professional (Foundations / Advanced)


LENGTH: 40 Hours (5 days)

PRICE: CHf4’600.00


Learn essential skills for installing and configuring Commvault® software to
protect data in virtual and physical infrastructures. This 5-day course provides
all the information needed to get your Commvault environment up and running
including: CommServe server configuration, MediaAgent design, agent
deployment, storage configuration, and data security. The class is balanced
between technical discussions using detailed diagrams and white board
sessions, and hands on labs using Education Services CVLab environment
focusing on both the Admin Console and CommCell® Console.


This course is intended for personnel responsible for day-to-day administration
and management of Commvault software.


It is recommended that you watch the Welcome to Commvault® e-Learning
course. This course is included at no additional cost, as a part of the
Commvault Professionals registration, and is recommended to be completed
prior to attending this course.


CommCell® Deployment l Next Generation Platform overview
l Physical architecture
l Logical architecture
l Web console
l Admin Console
l CommCell console
l Commvault® component system requirements
Software Implementation l Downloading Commvault software
l CommServe® server installation and configuration
l MediaAgent installation and configuration
l Ransomware risk mitigation
l Role based security
Disk, Deduplication, and Cloud l Storage overview
l Disk library design and configuration
l Cloud library configuration
l Deduplication overview concepts
l Transactional deduplication database
l Partitioned deduplication database
l Data verification
Tape Libraries l Tape library design and configuration
l Tape media management
Storage Policies l Storage policy overview
l Storage policy configuration
l Storage policy administration
l Global secondary copies
l Retention overview
l Job based retention
l Additional retention settings
Servers and Server Groups l Server tree structure
Server administrative tasks using the CommCell
l Admin console concepts
l Commvault agents
l Agent installation methods
l Server groups
File Server Solution l File server solution overview
l Add a solution
l Data protection plans
l Subclients
l Filtering
Protecting Virtual Environments l Virtual protection overview
l Transport modes
l VSA filtering
l VSA application aware backup
l Adding a virtualization solution
l Admin console VSA tasks
l VSA backup options
l VSA recovery methods


Snapshots and Block Level Backups l Snapshot overview
l IntelliSnap® technology
l Block-level backups
l Snapshot configuration
l Managing snapshots
Job Management l Data protection overview
l Job initiation methods
l DASH Full and DASH Copy jobs
l Scheduling and schedule policies
l Managing active jobs
l Data recovery operations
l Data encryption
l Firewall configuration and network topologies
Maintenance and Tuning l Monitoring resources
l Alerts
l Reports
l CommCell® tools
l Performance tuning

Test and Certification

Completion of this course helps you prepare for the Commvault Certified
Professional Certification. The Commvault Professional exam is included
free of charge as a part of the Commvault Professional instructor and virtual
instructor-led course registration.

Commvault Certified Professional Exam (V11)
A Commvault Certified Professional certification validates the skills required to
install, configure, and administer a CommCell® environment using both the
CommCell Console and Admin Console. It proves a professional level skillset
in the following areas:
CommCell Administration – user and group security, configuring
administrative tasks, conducting data protection and recovery operations,
and CommCell monitoring.
Storage Administration – deduplication configuration, disk library settings,
tape library settings, media management handling, and snapshot
CommCell Implementation – CommServe® server design, MediaAgent
design and placement, indexing settings, client and agent deployment,
and CommCell maintenance.




Certification Exam Specifics
l Total Questions: 40
l Time Allotment: 90 minutes
l Passing Grade: 75%

Session Dates

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