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DevOps on IBM i: Learn Ansible


LENGTH: 16 Hours (2 dage)

PRICE: kr 11.640,00


This course will get you the skills you need to run and manage an IBM i related cloud and DevOps environment. You will be introduced to the world of DevOps, Ansible, IBM PowerVC, Terraform, IBM Cloud Automation Manager and CI/CD concepts as they relate to IBM i. Learning these concepts will be easy with hands-on access to our lab environment.

Completion of this course will get you an IBM badge!


  • Summarize DevOps concepts as it applies to IBM i
  • Summarize Ansible planning and implementation concepts
  • Demonstrate an understanding of automation with Ansible Playbooks for IBM i
  • Integrate IBM PowerVC with Ansible in an IBM i environment
  • Summarize CI/CD concepts using Ansible on IBM i
  • Learn about using IBM Power Virtual Server (IBM PowerVS) with IBM i
  • Learn about Terraform with IBM i
  • Learn about IBM Cloud Automation Manager for a few hybrid cloud scenarios


  • Enrollment in this course is not restricted.


Day 1:

  • Course Administration and Introduction (00:30)
  • Unit 1: DevOps and Cloud Overview (01:30)
  • Unit 2: Ansible Overview and Administration (01:30)
  • Unit 3: Ansible Configuration and Playbooks (00:30)
  • Exercise 1: Verification of Prerequisites (01:00)
  • Exercise 2: IBM i Ansible Managed Node Setup (01:00)
  • Exercise 3: Ansible Controller on IBM i (01:00)

Day 2:

  • Unit 4: Automate IBM PowerVC using Ansible on IBM i (01:00)
  • Unit 5: IBM PowerVS Concepts on IBM i (01:00)
  • Unit 6: IBM PowerVC integration with Terraform on IBM i (01:00)
  • Unit 7: Manage IBM i in a Hybrid Cloud Environment with IBM Cloud Automation Manager (CAM) (00:45)
  • Exercise 4: Run Ansible Playbooks from IBM i (01:00)
  • Exercise 5: Automating IBM i with Ansible and IBM PowerVC (01:00)
  • Exercise 6: IBM i Use Cases with Ansible (01:00)

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