Arrow Electronics, Inc.

Core Intelligence Analysis Training


LENGTH: 40 Hours (5 dage)

PRICE: kr 30.750,00


This CPD accredited training focuses on the key NIM analytical techniques and the analytical skills set out in the Intelligence Professionalisation Programme (IPP) and the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Intelligence Analysts and is a ‘lite’ version of the Initial Analytical Techniques Course (also known as NIAT).
A practical scenario is embedded in order to assess the student's learning which concludes with a group
presentation to highlight their findings based on Threat, Risk & Harm.


• Explain how the National Intelligence Model supports investigations
• Demonstrate the stages of the intelligence cycle focussing on the role of the Analyst
• Compare how critical and creative thinking skills impact on the outcome
• Apply the key elements of inference development and how to apply the process in the workplace
• Define the requirements of a terms of reference and how to meet time critical deadlines
• Demonstrate the difference between quantitative and qualitative analysis
• Discuss and apply the key analytical methodologies
• Outline the principles and benefits of using various crime theories to support analysis
• Highlight the risks associated with data quality and accuracy using open and closed sources
• Awareness of appropriate legislation and how to evaluate information
• Explain and utilise Crime Pattern, Subject and Network Analysis to support target identification
• Awareness of the scope of both Tactical and Strategic Intelligence Assessments
• Apply problem solving and decision-making skills to highlight Threat, Risk & Harm
• Produce an inference development matrix
• Produce an analytical assessment to include key findings, identified gaps and SMART
• recommendations
• Present a succinct analytical briefing document to support investigations

Session Dates