Arrow Electronics, Inc.

iBase Designer


LENGTH: 40 Hours (5 dage)

PRICE: kr 30.750,00


The student will gain an understanding of how to use i2 iBase to add data, perform basic analysis and create charts in conjunction with i2 Analyst’s Notebook. In addition, the student will focus on the design and administration of iBase databases.
This is a custom course. The instructor needs to have a call with the customer, and 2 days of preparation, in order to target the course towards the customer’s needs.


• Learn how to search and browse the database.
• The ability to populate an iBase database manually (add, edit and delete records).
• How to create queries.
• Learn how to use Search 360
• Visualize data and produce charts in Analyst’s Notebook through iBase.
• Export data out of iBase
• Learn the basic design process.
• Learn to create an iBase database
• Create record types
• Create fields, datasheets, and code lists.
• Learn how to import and export data.
• Learn how to upsize and manage a SQL database through iBase
• Learn how to set-up SQL functionality
• Learn how to generate reports.
• Learn how to manage the security of the database.
• Learn how to schedule a data import
• Learn how to administer and audit the database.


You should have:

• Completed i2 Analyst’s Notebook Essentials course if the iBase is being used in conjunction with that product.
• Basic knowledge of using Windows analysis techniques.


• Adding Entities and Links.
• Finding records and storing results.
• Create and administer an i2 iBase database.
• Import and export data into a iBase database.
• Create fields, datasheets, and code lists.
• Upsize an iBase database to a SQL database.
• Manage users and access control.

Session Dates