Arrow Electronics, Inc.

iBase User


LENGTH: 16 Hours (2 dage)

PRICE: kr 13.100,00


This course focuses on the iBase functionality. This includes using the query functions, creating and analyzing sets and scored matching of iBase data, importing data to populate the databases, and exporting database records.

This is a custom course. The instructor needs to have a call with the customer, and 2 days of preparation, in order to target the course towards the customer’s needs.


• Learn the iBase query functions
• Learn about the creation and analysis of Sets and Scored Matching of data in iBase
• Learn how to populate the database through import
• Learn to export database records out of the database
• Learn how to use Search 360
• Use Analyst’s Notebook to visualize data
• Use Analyst’s Notebook to run analysis
• Learn how to track history and edits
• Learn how to publish data




Students should have:

• basic knowledge of using Windows analysis techniques.
• completed i2 Analyst’s Notebook Essentials course if the iBase is being used in conjunction with that product.


• Populate a database manually or through importing.
• Use the iBase query functions and Search 360.
• Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to use IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook and IBM i2 iBase together.
• Visualize data from IBM i2 iBase in IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook to produce charts for association and temporal analysis as well as for presentation.

Session Dates