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Introduction to Containers and DevSecOps


LENGTH: 8 Hours (1 day)

PRICE: kr 4.425,00


Applications are moving from Virtual Machines to Containers at a fastening pace. It has been estimated that the use of containers will grow 5X by 2023. This will set new requirements organizations personnel and IT-infrastructure. Organizations must be able to run cloud native applications in the cloud and On Premises Datacenters. Everybody has heard the following buzzwords Container, DevOps, Kubernetes, Infrastructure As Code, CI/CD pipeline. But what does this all mean and how they are tight together?

In this course we will go through all these buzzwords and explain everything with clear examples. You will also learn why organizations are shifting towards cloud native and business challenger this solves.


This course has no pre-requisites and is suitable for technical and non-technical audience working in IT.


  1. Course Introduction
    • Short introduction to the course

  2. Cloud Native Transition
    • How and why the world is changing towards container

  3. Software Development Transition
    • How has software development changed

  4. DevOps
    • What is DevOps and what problems does it solve

  5. Containers
    • What are containers and why do we want to use them

  6. Container Orchestration
    • Managing, scaling, deploying containers environments and platforms

  7. DevSecOps
    • Integrating security into DevOps processes

  8. EDGE Computing
    • Using containers in edge locations

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