Arrow Electronics, Inc.

Git for Operations Class


LENGTH: 8 Hours (1 day)

PRICE: kr 5.100,00


Is your organization starting on a DevOps journey, going from traditional Development and Operations to a united setup?
Is source control, Git, Pull Requests new and unused skills for you?
What is a Repository, a pull request or a pipeline?
In this 1 day, two module class we will help you understand and with hands on labs in Git and Azure DevOps make you prepared for the future.
This class is matched with our 2 day Ansible Basic Training which is part of the DevOps wheel


Hands on labs that will take you through Git as a Source Control tool and Azure DevOps as Repository, Task management and Pipelines system

Git course:
Going from installing git, initializing a repo, adding files, committing, branching, logging and much more

Azure DevOps:
Creating Repositories, tasks, creating and approving Pull Requests, creating and running Build and Release Pipelines


Knowledge about general IT administration in Windows Server, Linux, Virtualization, Network and Cloud

Software used in the course can run on Windows, Linux or Mac OSX

a Windows Virtual Machine will be made available for you. You are welcome to use your own laptop.

Software used in the course

  • Microsoft VS-Code
  • Git
  • SSH Client
  • Browser

Session Dates