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NSE 6 FortiWLC / Fortinet Wireless Controller


LENGTH: 2 dage

PRICE: kr 8.170,00


In this 2-day instructor-led classroom training, you will learn how to deploy, configure, and troubleshoot a secure wireless LAN using Fortinet solution:
FortiGate, FortiAP, FortiWiFi, FortiCloud, FortiPlanner and FortiPresence.
The course explores RF concepts and key standards for wireless LAN, devices configuration, security settings and troubleshooting.

In interactive labs, you will enforce your knowledge deploying a secure wireless LAN centrally managed from the FortiGate wireless controller and/or FortiCloud AP

Product Version
FortiGate 5.x, FortiWiFi & FortiAP


After completing this course, you will be able to:
•?Describe RF basics for wireless networks
•?Identify key WFA, IEEE, and IETF standards
•?Improve wireless coverage using FortiPlanner
•?Configure the wireless controller to deploy a WLAN
•?Manage FortiAP networks through FortiCloud
•?Introduce FortiPresence
•?Explore local authentication techniques
•?Use FortiAuthenticator for remote wireless access
•?Configure custom AP profiles
•?Setup wireless intrusion detection
•?Block rogue APs
•?Load balancing for wireless clients
•?Troubleshoot common wireless connectivity issues


Anyone who is responsible for day-to-day management of a Fortinet wireless solution.


Familiarity with all topics presented in FortiGate I & II System Requirements


1 Wireless Concepts
2 Wireless Controller
3 Advanced Authentication
4 Access Point Profiles
5 Troubleshooting

Session Dates