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Symantec Web Protection - Cloud SWG Planning, Implementation, and Administration R1

CODE: SYM_000208

LENGTH: 16 Hours (2 dage)

PRICE: kr 11.700,00


The Symantec Web Protection - Cloud SWG
Planning, Implementation, and Administration
course is intended for IT professionals who will
be planning, installing, configuring or
administering the Symantec Cloud Secure Web


By the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the architecture, components and process flow of Cloud SWG
  • Identify installation, configuration and administration of the core features and products of Cloud SWG.
  • Identify the key elements for planning a Cloud SWG deployment



  •  Working knowledge of cloud based solutions
  •  Knowledge of internet traffic protocols
  •  Basic understanding of principles of authentication

Follow on courses

Additional Courses Available

  •  Web Protection Cloud SWG – Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  •  Web Protection Edge SWG – Planning, Implementation, and Administration

Test and Certification

Exam 250-554: Administration of Symantec Web
Security Service – R1.2

Further Information


  • Lab Login and Cloud SWG Portal Introduction
  • Install and Explore the WSS Agent
  • Create a Bypass List § Create a Custom PAC File for Remote Locations
  • Implement Web and Cloud Access Protection Integration
  • Install Auth Connector
  • Create and Deploy Policies to Limit Social Media Use
  • Create a Source Geography based Policy to Ensure Save Internet Usage
  • Create a Customized Response Page
  • Block Sites Based on Risk Level
  • Improved Administration with Cloud SWG Reporting Tools

Session Dates