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AIX Network Installation Management Concepts and Configuration


DURÉE: 16 Hours (2 Jours)

PRIX H.T.: €1 590,00


The primary goal of this course is to provide you with a working knowledge of the fundamental capabilities of the Network Installation Management (NIM) facility of the AIX 7.1 operating system. This course uses a combination of instructor lecture and machine exercises to provide you with practical background knowledge of the topics covered.


  • Explain key NIM concepts and terminology
  • Display NIM-related information
  • Set up a NIM master
  • Perform a base AIX (RTE) install
  • Define and use several types of NIM objects
  • Perform an automated install
  • Create and use mksysb resource
  • Maintain lpp_source and SPOT resources
  • Update NIM clients


This course is appropriate for anyone with system administrative duties installing and managing an AIX operating system in a multiuser POWER (System p) environment.


You should have:

  • Basic knowledge regarding AIX systems administration
  • Basic knowledge regarding the use of HMC V7 to manage POWER-based managed systems

The following course will provided the needed skills for this course:

  • Power Systems for AIX I: LPAR Configuration and Planning (AN11G)
  • Power Systems for AIX II: AIX Implementation and Administration (AN12G)


Day 1

  • Welcome
  • Unit 1: NIM overview
  • Exercise 1: NIM overview
  • Unit 2: Setting up the NIM master
  • Exercise 2: Setting up the NIM master
  • Unit 3: RTE installation
  • Exercise 3: RTE installation
  • Unit 4: Defining additional base install resources

Day 2

  • Exercise 4: Defining additional base install resources
  • Unit 5: NIM client backups and restores
  • Exercise 5: NIM client backups and restores
  • Unit 6: Managing the lpp_source and the SPOT resources
  • Exercise 6: Managing the lpp_source and the SPOT resources
  • Unit 7: NIM client updates
  • Exercise 7: NIM client updates

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