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IBM Cognos Controller: Develop Application (v10.2/v10.3)

CODE: J1221G

DURÉE: 40 Hours

PRIX H.T.: €1 500,00


This course teaches application developers how to set up a Controller application and effectively use Controller in their organization’s consolidation process. Students will also design and generate financial reports using Controller. Through a series of lectures and hands-on exercises, students will set up a Controller application by creating the necessary structures (such as accounts and companies), and then test the application to ensure that it works properly. Students will also learn how to work with currency translation, allocations, intercompany transactions, investments in subsidiaries, advanced formula calculations, and user-defined business rules, as well as define configuration settings and user access to the application.


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Application Developers


Basic knowledge of group accounting


Create companies, consolidation types, and account structuresCreate and organize forms for entering data into the Controller applicationGenerate movement accounts to show changes to data over timeCreate extended dimensions to enhance data analysisLink structures to customize end users’ access to Controller dataDefine and schedule the data entry processTest the Controller application setupAdjust data through journal entriesTranslate foreign currenciesEnable automatically created journal entriesAllocate valuesReconcile and eliminate intercompany transactionsWork with shareholdings and investments in group companiesCalculate and eliminate acquisition valuesConsolidate a group’s reported valuesDefine security restrictions to different parts of the applicationEliminate intercompany profitCreate complex stored calculationsCustomize the consolidation process using user-defined business rules (UDBRs)Create ad hoc reports to quickly analyze and compare figuresRun standard reports to verify and analyze data for consolidationCreate custom reports using the Report GeneratorCreate, modify, and run reports in Excel using the Excel LinkRun multiple reports simultaneously by grouping reports into report booksIdentify different consolidation models (Optional)

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20 juil. 2024


Self Paced Training

€ 1 500,00

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