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IBM DS8880 Family of Storage Systems


DURÉE: 8 Hours

PRIX H.T.: €100,00


This IBM DS8880 Family of Storage Systems course is a stand-alone self-study course.

The new IBM DS8880 family is powered by the proven IBM DS8000 enterprise software platform and delivers mission-critical acceleration, uncompromising availability, unparalleled integration with IBM servers and transformational efficiency through industry-leading capabilities. This course focus on the introduction of the hardware and software capabilities of the DS8880 storage subsystems.

The following will be covered:

• IBM DS8884: Business class system. Enables organizations to overcome storage challenges with advanced, easy-to-use operations and 24x7 availability for running critical workloads, either as a dedicated platform for consolidated systems or for multiple platforms.

• IBM DS8886: Enterprise class system. Helps accelerate mission-critical applications, backed by 24x7 availability and superior functionality, all provided in an easily scalable package.

• IBM DS8888: Enterprise class system. Delivers mission-critical performance and lower latency for applications with up to 4.5 times better performance through an all-flash configuration.

The course includes exercises using the DS GUI (Data Storage Graphical User Interface).

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• Recognize the evolution of the DS8880 storage subsystem family  
• Identify the hardware components of the DS8880 storage subsystems
• Interpret drive options and functionality
• Recognize DS8880 storage allocation and consolidation
• Recall replication services
• Implement the simulated DS GUI to monitor and manage the storage subsystems


Enrollment in this course is not restricted. Typical students may include:

• Customers
• Technical IBM personnel
• Business Partner technical personnel
• IT consultants and architects


It is recommended you take the following course:

• Introduction to Storage - (SS01G)



• Unit 1: The Evolution of Storage Subsystems
   Topic 1: Storage History  
   Topic 2: Timeline of Storage  

• Unit 2: Hardware Components
   Topic 1: Introduction to the DS8880 family of storage subsystems  
   Topic 2: DS8880 Hardware Components  

• Unit 3: Storage Mediums
   Topic 1: DDM Types  
   Topic 2: High Performance Flash Enclosures (HPFEs)
   Topic 3: Encryption  

• Unit 4: Storage Allocation and Consolidation
   Topic 1: Thin Provisioning  
   Topic 2: I/O Priority Manager  
   Topic 3: Dynamic Volume Expansion  
   Topic 4: Easy Tier
   Topic 5: Cache  

• Unit 5: Copy Services
   Topic 1: FlashCopy, Metro Mirror, Global Mirror, Metro/Global Mirror, and Multiple Target Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy (MT-PPRC)
   Topic 2: Global Copy

• Unit 6: DS GUI (Data Storage Graphical User Interface)
   Topic 1: Introduction to the DS GUI  
   Topic 2: DS GUI Features and Functions


• Exercise 1: Accessing the DS8880 GUI  
• Exercise 2: DS8880 hardware features


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06 juin 2023


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