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IBM Maximo Asset Management Scheduler 7.5.1


DURÉE: 1 Jours

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This course takes you through the new Maximo Asset Management Scheduler V7.5.1 with hands-on exercises, including the new graphical features. With Maximo Asset Management Scheduler V7.5.1, planners can view upcoming or forecasted work graphically, reschedule work against the availability of the resources, and adjust the work schedule. You explore the new Graphical Assignment and Graphical Dispatch included with IBM Maximo Asset Management Scheduler V7.5.1. Work managers can now graphically view work requirements and the available labor resources and assign resources accordingly. A dispatcher can also view the various routes that the labor assignments require and adjust the route accordingly. This dispatcher also includes new IBM Maximo Everyplace templates for dispatch. You also work with crews that have been added to Maximo Asset Management Scheduler V7.5.1.

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  • Describe the IBM Maximo Asset Management product family structure and the add-on products used in this course.
  • Describe the applications and capabilities provided by Maximo Scheduler.
  • Query the system using various search methods and techniques.
  • Link to a Start Center and link a Portlet to the Start Center.
  • Identify the different kinds of queries contained in a schedule.
  • Create work and PM queries.
  • Navigate the Gantt chart.
  • Create a work order schedule.
  • Create a PM forecast schedule.
  • Use the Graphical assignments applications to assign labor and crews to work requirements.
  • Use the Graphical assignments application to dispatch an assignment to a crew.
  • Describe the Maximo Everyplace templates included with the product add on IBM Maximo Scheduler.
  • Describe features and capabilities of the templates


This intermediate course is for anyone who will use IBM Maximo Scheduler 7.5.1 an add-on product to IBM Maximo Asset Management


You should complete:

  • IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.5 Fundamentals (TR571) or equivalent


  • Unit 1: Overview and system setup
  • Unit 2: Scheduling
  • Unit 3: Graphical assignments
  • Unit 4: IBM Maximo Everyplace templates

Dates de session
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27 juin 2022


Self Paced Training

€ 300,00