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AI FactSheets for Transparency and Governance

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The need for trust in AI has always been of utmost importance and one way of achieving it is through striving towards a common set of attributes that capture essential "facts" about a machine learning model. This course will give you an overview of the concept of transparency which helps in building stronger trust and how AI FactSheets can help you achieve that transparency by providing a diverse collection of facts tailored to the particular AI model or service. It will also walk you through the methodology of constructing an AI FactSheet that is appropriate for a particular use case and how it can be leveraged by different roles in the AI lifecycle to enable AI governance.


IBM Customers and Sellers: If you are interested in investing in your training, please consider the following Individual or Enterprise Subscriptions:

  • IBM Learning for Data and AI Individual Subscription (SUBR022G)
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  • IBM Learning Individual Subscription with Red Hat Learning Services (SUBR023G)


  • Approaching an AI Transparency Initiative
  • AI FactSheets Overview and Methodology
  • Achieving Governance Using AI FactSheets


This course is intended primarily for Analytics Leaders, Data Science Leaders and Practicing Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers and AI specialists. Anyone with an interest in AI Trust and Transparency having the prerequisite knowledge required.


In order to be successful, you should have a basic understanding of AI/Machine Learning workflow, and evaluation metrics. Two helpful, but not necessary, courses to consider: Reducing Unfair Bias in Machine Learning and IBM AI Explainability 360 for Explainable AI.


Approaching an AI Transparency Initiative 

• Recognize the need of Trusted AI 

• Describe and differentiate various factors that can build trust in AI 

• Explain how transparency is achieved in other domains and its relevancy in the world of AI 

• Recognize challenges of achieving transparency in the world of AI 


AI FactSheets Overview and Methodology 

• Describe how AI FactSheets can achieve useful transparency by providing a diverse collection of facts 

• Recognize various features of AI FactSheets 

• Explain the methodology for creating useful AI FactSheets 


Achieving Governance Using AI FactSheets 

• Recognize challenges of achieving governance in an organization 

• Describe how AI FactSheets can facilitate governance

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04 déc. 2023


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