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Veritas NetBackup Flex 5350 Appliance: Administration


DURÉE: 24 Hours (3 Jours)

PRIX H.T.: €1 800,00


The Veritas NetBackup Flex 5350 Appliance: Administration course is designed for IT professionals who are responsible for deploying, configuring, operating, managing, and maintaining the Veritas NetBackup Flex 5350 Appliance.

This course covers how to configure Flex appliances using containers. Participants learn how to set up and work with the Flex appliance, modify settings, manage users, monitor, add nodes, and reconfigure the Flex appliance. The course also discusses Flex appliance security and how to upgrade and rollback the Flex appliance.

This course is available in the following delivery methods:

  • Instructor-led training (ILT)
  • Virtual instructor-led training (VILT)
  • Learning Lab


  • Instructor-led training - ILT: 3 days, including 6 months of lab access
  • Virtual instructor-led training - VILT: 3 days, including 6 months of lab access
  • Learning Lab – Self-paced lesson guide plus 6 months of lab access


By the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the Veritas Flex 5350 Appliance and its hardware and software components.
  • Describe the fundamentals of Flex appliance containers, their implementation, and the advantages of running NetBackup in a container.
  • Set up the Veritas Flex appliance.
  • Work with the Flex appliance Web console.
  • Modify Flex appliance settings using Flex Shell commands.
  • Add a second node to the Flex 5350 Appliance for High Availability.
  • Manage Flex appliance tenants and users.
  • Create and manage application instances.
  • Manage and monitor Flex appliance security features.
  • Monitor Flex appliance.
  • Perform factory reset and storage reset to reconfigure Flex appliance.
  • Upgrade and rollback the Flex appliance.


This course is designed for technical professionals responsible for the design, configuration, operation, monitoring, and management of the Veritas Flex 5350 Appliance.


Students must have working knowledge of Veritas NetBackup and Veritas NetBackup appliances. Knowledge of clustering, storage management, and networking are also required.


Introducing Veritas NetBackup Flex 5350 Appliance

  • Veritas Flex 5350 Appliance: Introduction
  • Flex 5350 Appliance: Hardware
  • Flex 5350 Appliance: Software
  • Flex 5350 Appliance: Management and Monitoring Interfaces

Understanding Flex Appliance Containers

  • Container Fundamentals
  • Docker Basics
  • Flex 5350 Appliance: Container Implementation
  • Running NetBackup in a Container: Advantages

Setting up and Working with the Veritas Flex Appliance

  • Setting up the Veritas Flex 5350 Appliance
  • Accessing and Using Flex Appliance Shell
  • Adding a Second Node (HA) to the Flex 5350 Appliance
  • Accessing and Using Flex Appliance Console
  • Troubleshooting Flex Appliance Web Console Errors


  • Exercise A: Performing Initial Configuration on Flex Appliance Node 1
  • Exercise B: Performing Network Configuration on Flex Appliance Node 2
  • Exercise C: Adding Flex Appliance Node 2 as an Additional Node to Flex Appliance Node 1
  • Exercise D: Accessing and Navigating the Flex Appliance Shell
  • Exercise E: Accessing and Navigating the Flex Appliance Console

Modifying Veritas Flex Appliance settings

  • Configuring the Network
  • Managing Flex Appliance Fibre Channel Ports


  • Exercise A: Creating a Network Bond – bond0
  • Exercise B: Creating a Network Bond – bond1
  • Exercise C: Configuring the Network Interface – bond0
  • Exercise D: Configuring a Network Interface with VLAN Tagging – bond1
  • Exercise E: Configuring the NTP Server on the Flex Appliance Nodes
  • Exercise F: Adding and Removing a Node from the Hosts File

Managing Flex Appliance Users

  • Working with Tenants
  • Managing Users
  • Using Active Directory User Credentials with Flex Appliance


  • Exercise A: Working with Tenants
  • Exercise B: Managing Flex Appliance Console Users

Working with the Flex Appliance

  • Managing Applications and Upgrade Packages in the Repository
  • Creating Application Instances
  • Creating a WORM Storage Instance
  • Managing Application Instances
  • Veritas Flex Appliance: Multiple Network Support
  • Instance Upgrade


  • Exercise A: Adding Application Packages to the Repository
  • Exercise B: Creating NetBackup Primary and Media Server Instances
  • Exercise C: Upgrading Application Instances
  • Exercise D: Creating a NetBackup MSDP Cloud Media Server Instance
  • Exercise E: Configuring and Performing Backups to MSDP Cloud
  • Exercise F: Managing Application Instances

Monitoring the Flex Appliance

  • AutoSupport and Call Home
  • Monitoring the Hardware from the Flex Appliance Shell


  • Exercise A: Viewing and Configuring Call Home Settings
  • Exercise B: Deleting and Disabling Call Home settings
  • Exercise C: Gathering Device Logs
  • Exercise D: Verifying Flex Appliance Services List Details
  • Exercise E: Verifying Flex Appliance System List Details
  • Exercise F: Accessing the Flex Appliance Repositories List

Reconfiguring the Flex Appliance

  • Reconfiguring the Appliance
  • Adding a Storage Expansion Memory Kit


  • Exercise A: Removing an Existing Node from a Multinode Appliance Setup
  • Exercise B: Performing a Factory Reset
  • Exercise C: Performing a Storage Reset

Flex Appliance: Upgrades and Updates

  • Flex Appliance: Upgrades
  • Flex Appliance: Updates


  • Exercise A: Adding WORM Packages to the Add-ons Repository
  • Exercise B: Verifying the Flex Appliance Upgrade Status
  • Exercise C: Verifying AutoSupport (Call Home) Settings

Flex Appliance Security

  • Flex Appliance Security


  • Exercise A: Configuring the NetBackup WORM Storage Server Instance
  • Exercise B: Configuring the Disk Pool and WORM Storage Unit
  • Exercise C: Configuring a NetBackup Policy
  • Exercise D: Understanding Catalog Operations on WORM Image Copy
  • Exercise E: Maintaining Appliance Security
  • Exercise F: Working with Flex Appliance Lock Down Modes

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