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Control-M 20.x: Advanced Administering


DURÉE: 16 Hours (2 Jours)

PRIX H.T.: €1 630,00


This course provides Administrators and Consultants with the theory and hands-on experience to work on installation of additional components and perform advanced tasks that are beyond everyday administration, which will help to secure and fine tune the Control-M environment.

This instructor-led training covers advanced tasks Administrators are required to perform in Control-M within topics such as Control-M Migration, Distributed Control-M/Enterprise Manager, Workload Archiving, Remote Host with SSH, Role Based Administration, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Configuration, and Housekeeping Activities.


  • Migrate Control-M/Enterprise Manager
  • Migrate Control-M/Server
  • Install Distributed Control-M/Enterprise Manager
  • Describe Control-M Workload Archiving
  • Install Control-M Workload Archiving
  • Configure Control-M Workload Archiving Policies
  • Configure Control-M Workload Archiving Disk Space and Cleanup Settings
  • Define Remote Host with WMI Connection
  • Create an SSH Key
  • Add Remote host with SSH connection
  • Assign Role-Based Administration Authorization
  • Verify the Result of Role-based Administration Authorization for a User
  • Generate Self Signed Certificates
  • Configure SSL on Control-M Web Server in Zone 1
  • Configure ciphers for Control-M Web Server in Zone 1
  • Configure SSL in Zone 2 and 3
  • Enable SSL in Zone 2 and 3
  • Configure Protocols and Ciphers for Zones 2 and 3
  • Modify SSL Configuration between Control-M/Agent and Remote Hosts
  • Configure SSL with LDAP or Active Directory Servers
  • Perform Housekeeping tasks
  • Check Database status
  • Configure File system Clean-Up parameters
  • Stop and exclude the Statistics Clean-Up during New Day Procedure
  • Change Statistics Retention Period and Number of Records in Control-M/Server


  • Administrators
  • Consultants


  • Control-M 20.x: Fundamentals Using (WBT)
  • Control-M 20.x: Fundamentals Administering (ILT/ASP)


Module 1: Control-M Migration

  • Introduction to Control-M Migration
  • Migration Planning Process
  • Control-M/EM Migration
  • Control-M/Server Migration

Module 2: Distributed Control-M

  • Enterprise Manager Installation
  • Introduction to Distributed EM Installation
  • System Requirements
  • Installation of Distributed ControlM/Enterprise Manager
  • Configuration of Additional Components

Module 3: Control-M Workload

  • Archiving
  • Introduction to Control-M Workload
  • Archiving
  • Control-M Workload Archiving Installation
  • Control-M Workload Archiving
  • Configuration
  • Control-M Workload Archiving (from the
  • History and Monitoring domains)
  • Control-M Workload Archiving Command
  • Line Utilities

Module 4: Remote Host with SSH

  • Remote Host and Connection Parameters
  • Defining Remote Host with WMI
  • Connection
  • Defining Remote Host with SSH Connection
  • Using ctmkeygen utility

Module 5: Role-Based Administration

  • Role-Based Administration Overview
  • Role-Based Administration Authorization

Module 6: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

  • Configuration
  • Introduction to Key Stores and Self-signed
  • Keys
  • Generating Self-Signed Certificates
  • Zone 1 SSL Configuration
  • Zones 2 and 3 SSL Configuration
  • LDAP SSL Configuration
  • Additional SSL Configurations
  • Control-M ctmkeytool Script

Module 7: Housekeeping Activities

  • Active Environment
  • Database
  • Filesystem
  • Shortening NDP

Test et Certification

This course is part of the BMC Certified Professional Certification Path for Control-M for Administrators and Consultants.

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