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Control-M 20.x: Advanced Scheduling


DURÉE: 16 Hours (2 Jours)

PRIX H.T.: €1 630,00


This course provides Schedulers and Consultants with the theory and hands-on experience to design and manage job flows using the Planning domain. This course explains the advanced functionalities available in the job scheduling task.

This two-day instructor-led training covers how to define job flow, set job scheduling criteria, and monitor the status of multiple files. It provides the learners an insight into job dependencies and Adjust condition. The learners will be able to identify jobs in the critical path and analyze services and problematic jobs. This course content will help learners understand the functionality of add-ons such as Control-M SLA Management, Self Service, and Forecast. Hands-on labs will help learners practice Calendars, SMART folders, and many other features.


  • Build job flow for batch processing with various job types
  • Set job scheduling criteria for a job 
  • Create Global Conditions
  • Monitor the status of multiple files using File Watcher utility
  • Use Find and Update feature to update multiple job parameters
  • Schedule jobs using various types of calendars
  • Perform year-end activities to get all jobs scheduled for the upcoming years
  • Use the different features of SMART folders
  • Create Periodic Statistics with Periodic Calendar
  • Create Dynamic Periodic Statistics
  • Create a service using SLA Management job
  • Identify Critical Path using Business Service Analysis Viewpoint
  • Use Service Monitor to analyze services and problematic jobs
  • Use Control-M Self Service Add-on to create services for business users
  • Assign Service authorizations
  • Use Control-M Web to monitor services 
  • Use Control-M/Forecast Add-on to simulate a job flow on a future date
  • Setup Why analysis and What-If scenarios
  • Create Forecast/SLA Management rules


  • Schedulers
  • Consultants


  • BMC Control-M 20.x: Fundamentals Using (WBT)
  • Control-M 20.x: Fundamentals Operating (ILT/ASP)
  • Control-M 20.x: Fundamentals Scheduling (ILT/ASP)


Module 1: Building Job Flow with Various Job Type

  • Control-M Architecture and Components
  • Define Job Flow
  • File Watcher Utility
  • File Transfer Job
  • Global Conditions
  • Find and Update

Module 2: Advanced Calendars

  • Calendars
  • Periodic Calendar
  • Rule-based Calendar
  • Confirmation Calendar
  • Calendar Year-end Activity

Module 3: Advanced SMART Folder Usage

  • SMART Folder
  • Adjust Condition
  • Active Environment Retention
  • Cyclic SMART Folder
  • End Folder

Module 4: Periodic Statistics

  • Introduction to Periodic Statistics
  • Periodic Calendar Statistics Definition
  • Dynamic Periodic Statistics Definition
  • Generating Dynamic Periodic Statistics

Module 5: SLA Management

  • Introduction to SLA Management
  • SLA Management Job
  • Service Analysis
  • Service Monitor

Module 6: Monitoring Services on Control-M Web

  • Introduction to Control-M Self Service
  • Service Definitions
  • Service Rules
  • Service Authorizations
  • Introduction to Control-M Web
  • Self Service for Mobile Users

Module 7: Forecast

  • Control-M/Forecast
  • Generating a Forecast from Jobs and Folders
  • Defining a Specific User Daily Job
  • Forecast Workspace
  • Why Analysis
  • Forecast/SLA Management Rules

Test et Certification

This course is part of the BMC Certified Professional Certification Path for Control-M for Schedulers and Consultants.

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