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IBM TRIRIGA Facilities and Space Management


DURÉE: 24 Hours

PRIX H.T.: €1 290,00


Students taking this course will understand the fundamentals of space management and why it is a strategic imperative to large enterprises. They will understand both the concepts and configuration in TRIRIGA for how space classifications are created in building portfolios across floors and various types of space. Students will learn the details of space data, assessments and space audits. Further, students will understand Perceptive Apps for stacking and move requests. They will learn how to import CAD drawings and BIM models to TRIRIGA. They will also be introduced to new features in TRIRIGA for Dynamic Space Planning


After completing this course, the student should be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Create and Manage Spaces
  • Associate Spaces to People and Assets
  • Allocate Spaces to Organizations and manage Occupancy and Chargeback calculations
  • Assess and adjust space utilization
  • Plan and Manage moving People and Assets across locations
  • Utilize CAD and BIM model floor plans to manage and view location data
  • Plan and review various space Scenarios


The typical student for this course may be a space planner, space strategist or business analyst in Corporate Real Estate with a large enterprise. Also, consultants, systems integrators and IT architects may take this course as well


Unit 1: Space Management

Unit 2: Space Classifications

Unit 3: Managing Spaces

Unit 4: Space Management Setup

Unit 5: Assessing Space Data

Unit 6: Requesting Space

Unit 7: Planning and Managing Moves

Unit 8: Dynamic Space Planning

Unit 9: Strategic Planning

Unit 10: CAD Graphic Management

Unit 11: BIM Modeling

Dates de session
Time Zone

13 juil. 2024


Self Paced Training

€ 1 290,00

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